November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


The students had such a great time at the Halloween Party! Thanks so much to our 5A Room Parent, Andrea Geraghty for organizing it as well as all those who helped!


Tomorrow, I will be sending home a short Parent Questionnaire, which will help us prepare for conferences later in November. Please return this by November 9th!


***Please check out our homework webpage on the 5A Website. We have a new form for homework.


Curriculum Update:



Students will begin Chapter 14, New Life in Christ next week. We will learn how the Sacraments of Initiation are celebrated for adults and children joining the Catholic Church. Students will be able to describe the stages of Christian Initiation. Students will research their Baptism by completing baptismal collages in class. They may come home with some questions about their Baptism. Students will discuss how St. Paul compares the new life of Baptism with the Resurrection of Jesus. When a person is baptized, he or she is said to have “died” to sin and has risen to new life in Christ.

Steps to Respect – Next week we will be doing Lesson 3, Being Assertive.



Chapter 3 Divide by a One-Digit Divisor

11/2 – Ch. 3 Lessons 5-8 Check My Progress Quiz

11/5 – Ch. 3 L. 9, Place the First Digit

11/6 – Ch. 3, L. 10, Quotients with Zeros

11/7 – Ch. 3, L. 12 Interpret the Remainder

11/8 – Ch. 3, L. 13 Problem-Solving Investigation: Extra of Missing Information

11/9 – Ch., 3, Chapter Review

11/13 – Pre-Test

11/14 – Ch. 3 Test



Mr. Schreck

Chapter 4, Divide by a Two-Digit Divisor

Friday: Lesson1, Estimate Quotients

Monday: Lesson 3, Divide by a Two-Digit Divisor Part I

Tuesday: Divide by a Two-Digit Divisor Part II

Wednesday: Quiz, Lessons 1 & 3

Thursday: Lesson 4, Adjust Quotients



Mrs. Heuer

We will be completing our third fifth grade unit next week, which is adding and subtracting fractions.  We have been slowly building the skills starting with like fractions and ending with unlike mixed numbers.  The kids are getting very comfortable with renaming fractions with an LCD.  They are also working on reading story problems very carefully to ensure that they are doing the correct operation, that their answers are reasonable, and that they include a unit on their answers.  After completion of this unit next Tuesday, we will move into our fourth 5th grade unit, which is multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers.



Students begin Lesson 3, “How are Animals Classified?” Students will identify different classifications of invertebrates such as mollusks and arthropods. Students will also compare and contrast different groups of vertebrates.

Students will take a quiz on Lesson 2 & 3 next Tuesday. They have completed two study guides to help them prepare for the quiz.


Social Studies Grade 5

We are working on Chapter 5, Routes of Explorations to the New World. Students have been placed in pairs and assigned an explorer. Students will use this information they gather in the text about the explorer to complete a Matrix with information of the 8 explorers. Students will also be completing the Interactive Reading Notes for the chapter about each of the explorers. Looking ahead the test for this chapter will be on 11/9. A study guide will be given one week prior to the test. Students will also be learning how to do a slideshow on their Chromebooks. We will be using the information from the 8 explorers to create 8 informational slides. This will not be graded since it is the first time doing it but it will be a great way to review even more for the test on 11/9.



Next week, 5th graders will begin practicing the skill of Close Reading. (see explanation below) There will be a Selections Test covering vocabulary and comprehension for Lesson 4, Double Dutch, on Tuesday of next week.

Close reading is thoughtful, critical analysis of a text that focuses on significant details in order to develop a deep understanding of the text. Close reading includes:

  • ·  Using short passages and excerpts
  • ·  Diving right into the text with limited pre-reading activities
  • ·  Focusing on the text itself
  • ·  Rereading deliberately
  • ·  Reading with a pencil
  • ·  Noticing things that are confusing
  • ·  Discussing the text with others
  • ·  Responding to text-dependent questions


We have taken a pause with our spelling words and have been learning about plural and collective nouns. We have completed pages for Lesson 5 in our Reader’s Notebook to practice for the grammar project we began today. We are creating “Plural-A-Tor” machines which magically turn singular nouns into plurals! Due to the Family Fun Center trip, some students will need to spend time on Monday and possibly some time out of school to complete the project by Wednesday of next week. We will return to having a Spelling Quiz on Lesson 6 words + challenge words for November 9th.


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