Boomerang Newsletter: June 7, 2024

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Next week is the last week of school! I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for such a great year. The students did an amazing job!


On Tuesday, 5A and 5B will have our end of the year party! A big “THANK YOU” to the Webster Family for donating the Shug’s Ice Cream Stand! Students will enjoy a delicious ice cream and then have a free recess. We will be celebrating summer birthdays so if anyone has a summer birthday they have a Free Dress that day!


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  • June 11 – 5A & 5B Summer Birthdays Free Dress! 
  • June 13th – Noon Dismissal
  • June 14th – Last Day of School (10am Dismissal)
  • Sept 3rd – 1st Day of School


Math  – Ms. Semandiris

Monday – Ch 10, Check My Progress p. 775 & L. 6 Multiply Fractions

Tuesday – Ch. 10, L. 7, Multiply Mixed Numbers


Math – Mr. Schreck

Chapter 12, Geometry

Monday: Lesson 1, Polygons

Tuesday: Lesson 2, Sides & Angles of Triangles


Math – Mrs. Heuer 

Monday: *Complete your statistical display using the data you gathered in class last week.

Tuesday: *Math Games

Wednesday: *TBD

Thursday: *Cleaning day

Friday: *No class – Have a great summer!  



Students will explore vision. They will conduct an activity to see how their reaction time changes with practice. They will also compare their vision using one eye and then using both eyes.


Family Life: Students will wrap up their study of Family Life with a lesson on the male and female reproductive systems.


Social Studies 

Next week during Social Studies class, we will continue to learn about the three branches of government and the “Powers” of each branch.



Hello HRS families! It’s been a joy and blessing to be your children’s language arts teacher this year. Students did a great job embracing new and sometimes challenging concepts, and in doing so increased their literacy skills tremendously. Thank you for all of the at-home support along the way! In this last week of school, we will finish with a fun book club project. This past week, students worked with their groups to choose a project mode that they believe best shows their understanding of the book. Projects include news interviews with characters, posters (movie or book), skits, and more. We will also have our final spelling/vocab test on Monday, June 10th, so students should review the words over the weekend. Have a great weekend and final week of school!