November 8, 2018


November 8, 2018


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Please remember to sign up for conferences on the Holy Rosary website. I hope you have a wonderful Veteran’s Day weekend.


The following is a curriculum update for the week of November 13 – 16, 2018:



We are assembling the “My Baptism Story” on Friday. The students seem excited to learn about their own Baptism. Next week we will be continuing on in Chapter 14 to learn about the RCIA process. Also, 5A will be leading the Advent Prayer Service on November 30th. Next week I will be giving parts to the students so they can practice over the break.




11/9 – Chapter 3 Review

11/13 – Pre-test

11/14 – Chapter 3 Test

11/15 – Chapter 3 Test

11/16 – Test Corrections/ALEKS



Mr. Schreck

Chapter 4, Divide by a Two-Digit Divisor

Friday: Lesson 5, Divide Greater Numbers

Tuesday: Lesson 6, Problem Solving

Wednesday: Review Chapter 4

Thursday: Test, Chapter 4



Mrs. Heuer


Next week we will be working on our fourth unit, multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers.  Each lesson will build on the previous lesson.  We will be using some modeling to enhance understanding.  We will complete this unit in the week after conference/Thanksgiving week.




Social Studies

Tomorrow we will take the Chapter 5 test. Next week we will begin Chapter 6, Early English Settlements. In this chapter students will learn about three settlements in Jamestown, Roanoke and Plymouth. Students will be preparing for an “Act-it-out” in class by answering a set of questions for each of the settlements. We are just beginning this chapter and we will be continuing it after we get back from Thanksgiving break.

*We will also be review the meaning of Veteran’s Day on Friday 11/9.




Students begin Lesson 4, “How Are Plants Classified?” Students will learn how scientists classify plants and what mosses, ferns, conifers, and flowering plants are.

Students will take a short quiz on Lesson 4 next Friday. Students will complete a study guide in class to help prepare them for the quiz.



Students have turned in their grammar projects, The Plural-a-tor, and these will be hanging in the hallway for students and parents to admire during conferences. We will be having our Lesson 6 + challenge word Spelling Quiz tomorrow, November 8th. Next week, we will not have a Spelling Quiz due to the shortened week, Happy Veterans Day!



We like to spend some time during each Reading class reading from self-selected books. Encourage your child to always have a book with them to fill those minutes while waiting for appointments, between activities, and in the car. Ask about what your child is reading – better yet – read the same book at the same time for some great discussions! There are lots of nights when there is no assigned reading homework. I hope this gives your child some time to just “curl up with a good book.” Happy Reading!


 5A Lib/Tech
Students should complete 60 minutes of typing practice for the week.  Each grading week starts on Thursday and ends the following Wednesday. Next week students will take their first timed typing test. Students will be graded on their accuracy typing for one minute using the home row keys while their hands are covered. Speed will not be graded at this time. During Conference / Thanksgiving there will be no typing grade required. There will, however, be an extra credit opportunity that week. Students can earn up to 120 points back towards their grade for completing up to 2 hours of typing time (1 point per minute). This will give kids a chance to improve their grade before the trimester ends.



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