May 5, 2011

May 5, 2011

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

We will be handing the Boomerang envelope out tomorrow, Friday May 6th. Students presently earning a C or below in any subject area will receive a Mid-Trimester report for 3rd Trimester in tomorrow’s Boomerang envelope. Please take this time to note that is the Mid-Trimester and to remember to look at PowerSchool at some point this weekend. Thanks!

From our Spanish Teacher: Carol Myers
After Easter vacation there will be a grace period for students that still have missing assignments in Spanish. Late assignments can be turned in for full credit until the end of the school day on Tuesday, May 10th. I will announce this to our students after vacation and it will be on my web page as well.

Monday: May 9th: Lesson 88,Transformations
Tuesday: The Honor Band went longer than expected.
Wednesday: May 10th: Lesson 89, Finding a Square Root
Thursday: Mass

We will be working on Chapter 19 next week. The study guide for this chapter will be handed out 5/6. We will have time to work on it during class. The test for this Chapter will be on May 16th.

Social Studies
The fifth graders are working on Chapter 14, The Constitution. We have nearly completed the Interactive notebook pages and tomorrow we will be spending time making “Power Cards” that explain the “Key Powers” of the 3 branches of the United States government. On Friday and next Tuesday we will be using these cards to solve several “scenarios”. Our test for this Chapter is on 5/13.

The 3rd Trimester book reports are due on Thurs. May 19th. The forms for the book report will vary depending on the type of book chosen. Students will receive the forms this week.

Students will brainstorm how a sail might affect the motion of their axle-driven vehicles and then adapt their vehicles to hold a cardboard sail. Next, students will discuss design features they think are needed for propeller-driven vehicles. Students will then build a propeller-driven vehicle from a technical drawing.

Language Arts
This week, students will practice using “voice” as they write. Writing that contains voice is personal, purposeful, powerful and passionate. We use the humorous picture book, Dear Mrs. Larue, by Mark Teague as a model for using voice and point of view in letters written to Mrs. LaRue, a frustrated pet owner who sent her dog, Ike to Browtweiler Obedience School. Students will take on the point of view of a main character from the story and use voice to describe Ike’s experience at Brotweiler. Students DO have a spelling assignment due on Monday; our test will also be on Monday.

Ms. Semandiris