May 30, 2019

Dear 5A Parents,


I hope you all had a good Memorial Day!  Field Day was cold but fun–now it’s on the to the finalt two weeks of school.  Some reminders for tomorrow and next week:

  • Pizza Lunch tomorrow (Fri., 5/31)
  • Patriot vs Loyalist Live Debate tomorrow (Fri, 5/31)
  • States/Capitals test next Thursday, June 6.

In the classroom …

Ms. Stroud LA:  We will have our Lesson 18 Spelling Quiz tomorrow, May 31st. We are continuing to work on our in-class reflection essay that will be due next Friday, June 7th. Students will only need to work on this at home if they are missing our class time, which has been dedicated to working on the essay.

Mrs. Smith Math:  The Chapter 9 test went home in the Boomerang today.  This week, students started Chapter 10–multiplication of fractions.  Division of fractions  will wrap up the year.    I hope you all received the letter I sent home a few weeks ago regarding maintaining math skills over the summer.  ALEKS will be available to students all summer and they will bring home their math books.  To be prepared for 6th grade math, students should work a little every day on lessons in the remainder of the book.  20-30 minutes a day will really help!

Mr. Schreck Math: 
Ch. 11 Measurement
Friday: Lesson 10, Convert Metric Units of Length
Monday: Review Lessons 7-10
Tuesday: Quiz, Lessons 7-10
Wednesday: Lesson 12, Convert Metric Units of Mass
Thursday: Lesson 13, Convert Units of Capacity
Friday: Review Ch. 11
Mon. (6/3): Test Chapter 11

Mrs. Heuer Math:  Next week we will be working on our final unit: 3D geometry.  We will be working on finding the volume and surface area of prisms (triangular and rectangular) and pyramids.  The students will have a grasp of how the formulas work to have a more complete understanding of the volume and surface area.  This will be our final unit of the year!  We will spend the last week doing some review activities!

Religion:  The Chapter 19 religion test went home in the Boomerang today.  Students finished Chapter 9 this week and they will have an open book test tomorrow over Chapter 9-The Paschal Mystery.  Mr. Schreck and I will teach Family Life during the last two weeks of school.

5th Science: Students investigate how the body protects us from these germs to keep us healthy. Bacteria and viruses are introduced as agents of disease, and students use information learned and patient symptoms to identify the disease agent causing a simulated disease outbreak. Using epidemiology practices, students deduce a likely source of an infection that is spreading through a fictional school.

Family Life: In lesson 4, Students will learn the changes that occur during puberty and the importance of dealing with the stress of maturing.

5th Grade Social Studies: 

  • Map Skills:  The States and Capitals test will be on Thursday, June 6. Students should know where states are located on a blank map of the United States, and the name of each state’s capital.
  • Social Studies:  Tomorrow, students will present a live debate from either a Loyalist or Patriot perspective on the question of independence. Students have been preparing for the debate this week and we’re all looking forward to a lively and interesting debate tomorrow.!  During the last two weeks of social studies students will learn be introduced to the American Revolution and the Constitution.

Have a great week!

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