May 23, 2019

Hi 5A Parents,

Tomorrow is field day.  5A class color is light blue and students should remember to bring a water bottle.  I just checked the weather and it looks like it might rain tomorrow.  We are walking rain or shine so students should be prepared either way.  Noon dismissal!  Happy Memorial Day–I hope you all enjoy this long weekend!

Next week:

Language Arts:  Students spent 3 class periods carefully writing their Camp Essays and were able to complete their first draft!  We will be peer editing them over the next few class periods, as well as preparing for our Lesson 18 Spelling Quiz on the 31st, this upcoming Friday. Enjoy the long weekend!

Mrs. Smith Math:  Students took their Chapter 9 test this week which will go home in the Boomerang next week.  We are moving on to multiplication of fractions this week and division of fractions in the final weeks of school.   I hope you all received the letter I sent home last week regarding maintaining math skills over the summer.  ALEKS will be available to students all summer and they will bring home their math books.  To be prepared for 6th grade math, students should work a little every day on lessons in the remainder of the book.  20-30 minutes a day will really help!

Mr. Schreck Math:
Ch. 11 Measurement
Tuesday: Lesson 8, Display Measurement Data on a Line Plot
Wednesday: Lesson 9, Hands On: Metric Rulers
Thursday: Lesson 10, Convert Metric Units of Length

Mrs. Heuer Math:  Next week, we will finish our our study of 2D geometry with our ch. 9 test on area.  The students have been using the formulas to find the areas of parallelograms (including squares, rhombi, and rectangles), triangles, and trapezoids.  Our test will be on Tuesday after our two review days this week.  Our final unit of the year will be a look at 3D figures!

Reading:  This week, students continued MAP testing. On Wednesday, Mrs. Borne, our School Counselor, led the students through a mini-workshop in building friendship skills as we look ahead to 6th grade.

Religion: Students took their Chapter 19 test on Wednesday which will be going home in next week’s boomerang.  Thank you to Fr. Oakland and Sr. Juanita who came in last week to talk about their vocations in the religious life.  Students asked interesting questions and both Fr. Oakland and Sr. Juanita enjoyed spending time with this great class!  Next week, students begin Chapter 9, Celebrating the Paschal Mystery which is Christ’s work of redemption through his suffering, Death, Resurrection and Ascension.

Science: Students will participate in a special STEM class Titled “Germs, Germs Everywhere.” This course developed by Project Lead the Way will engage students to collaborate to solve a real-world problem.  In this module students are presented with a problem where a large number of students at a school are sick. Students learn about transmission of disease through a simulation and compare communicable and non-communicable diseases. Students design, run, and analyze data from an experiment related to preventing the spread of germs.

Family Life: In Lesson 2 of the Family Life text, students will explore how moods within the family affect each family member. Students will learn how to respect themselves and others whatever their moods. In lesson 3, students will examine messages communicated by the media. They will learn the importance of good communication and practice good listening skills.

Social Studies: 

Map SkillsThe States and Capitals test will be on Thursday, June 6. 5A/5B should know where states are located on a blank map of the United States and the name of each state’s capital.

Social Studies:  Next week, students will present a live debate from either a Loyalist or a Patriot position on the question of independence.  Student will be in one of six groups (three loyalists, three patriots).  In each group, students will take on the role of Public Relations Agent, Actor, Investigative Reporter, or Costume Designer.  Debates will take place on Thursday next week—students will be graded on their role in the group.  I’m looking forward to a lively and interesting debate!

Have a good week!  

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