June 6, 2019

Dear 5A Parents,

We are in the final days, but still have much to do before June 14!  The boomerang will be going home tomorrow, Friday, because students were working on their states/capitals test and didn’t have time to return papers for the boomerang.  Please look for it tomorrow.

Parents, all year 5th graders have been earning “Thank You’s” for following directions, being quiet in the halls, being ready for class, etc.  Students have been collecting thank you’s all year and next Thursday, they’ll be putting them to good use during the 5A class auction.  For the class auction,  I’ve asked students to bring in gently used or new items (under $5.00) as a donation to the auction.  Of course, thank you’s collected all year will be used to buy auction items.  Baked goods are welcome!  Please email me if you have any questions.  Thank you!

Next week:  

Monday:  Mrs. Crisera will speak to the 5th grade about the Constitution/Bill of Rights and about her work as a lawyer.

Tuesday:  Kindergarten graduation.  Please let me know if your son/daughter is attending.  Thank you.

Wednesday:  No Mass.  Last Family Life lesson.  Last full day of school.

Thursday:  Clean room and 5A auction.  Water bottles and all personal items go home.  I will bring extra bags in case students forget.  Noon dismissal.

Friday:  Attendance, prayer, Mass and Report Cards.  10:00 a.m. dismissal.

In the classroom .  .  .

5th Grade Math (Mrs. Smith):   Students will finish multiplication of fractions tomorrow (Friday) and begin division of fractions next week.  There will be one last assessment on Wednesday covering multiplication/simple division of fractions.  A Summer Math Challenge calendar is going home in the report card next Friday from Mrs. Heuer.  A little math everyday helps maintain skills and prevent the “Summer Slide.”   ALEKS will be available to students all summer and students will bring home their math books.  To be prepared for 6th grade math, students should work a little every day on lessons in the remainder of the book.  Practicing math everyday will help your child being 6th grade math successfully!

5th Grade Math (Mr. Schreck):
Friday: Review Ch. 11, Measurement
Monday: Test Ch. 11
Tuesday: Polygons

5th Grade Math (Ms. Heuer):  Congratulations on completing our first year together!  Next week, we will complete our ch. 10 unit with a test on Tuesday.  We were successful in completing all of the units in both 5th and 6th grade to set us up nicely for Pre-Algebra next year.  I encourage all of the 5th grade students to participate in the summer math challenge.  ALEKS is a resource that will be available to the students through August.  It’s a great way to start the next year feeling confident.  Thanks for a great year!

5th Grade Science:  Students will create a poster that identifies the ways the body protects and defends itself against infection. I enjoyed teaching
the fifth graders this year. See you in the fall for 6 th grade science!

5th Grade Family Life:  Family Life: Students will wrap up their study of Family Life with a lesson on the male and female reproductive systems.

5th Grade Social Studies: 

  • Map Skills:  Students took their States and Capitals test today (Thursday, June 6).  Corrected tests will be early next week.
  • Social Studies:  This week students were introduced to the Revolutionary War—they learned how women and people of all ethnic backgrounds helped in the fight for independence.  Next week students will be introduced to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  On Monday Jen Crisera will give a talk to both 5A and 5B on the Constitution as a living document and our Bill of Rights.  We look forward to her visit!  Tuesday will be the last day of Social Studies.  There will be no more tests this year—students will be graded on participation in discussions and activities for the remaining three days of class.

Have a good week!

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