May 24, 2012

May 24, 2012

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

We are very busy here in the fifth grade as we wind down the year. The following is the curriculum update for May 29 – June 1st.


May 25th – Field Day 5th Colors are Red, White, Blue

May 28 – Memorial Day – No School


Next week we will begin Chapter 9, New Life. In this chapter students will learn how through the sacraments Christ unites his followers to his Passion, death, Resurrection and Ascension.


5/29 – Lesson 97, Ratios

5/30 – Lesson 98 Negative Numbers

5/31 – Lesson 99, Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers and Decimals

Social Studies

The fifth Graders will begin Lesson 14, The Constitution next Tuesday.  We will be learning the Powers of each branch of Government.  Student will make “Power cards” and then use them to answer real –life scenarios.


5th Graders finished reading a wonderful story called The Memory Box, highlighting the beautiful relationship between a young boy and his grandparents. The students have created their own Memory Boxes which they are sharing with their classmates this week.

Language Arts

This week students are gaining knowledge on different Poetic Devices including; Simile, Metaphor, and Alliteration. Students have completed Simile and Metaphor final drafts and are working towards poems on Alliteration. The next poetry assignment will be a poem on colors using the Poetic Devices learned thus far. Students also have a Memorization Poetry Assignment due on or before June 1st.

Please continue to encourage your student to study their spelling words. As spelling words increasingly get harder students will need to spend more time studying.