May 17, 2012

May 17, 2012

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

We had such a wonderful time at Camp Seymour!  Now we are back in the swing of things here in 5A.  The following is a curriculum update for the next week.


We have begun Chapter 19, Answering God’s Call. This Chapter is about the sacraments of commitment.  Students received the study guide for this lesson and it will be due on Friday. The test will be on May 24th. Thursday we will be having another Steps to Respect Lesson during our religion class.


5/21-Lesson 94 Using Estimation When Dividing by Two-Digit Numbers

5/22-Lesson 95 Reciprocals

5/23-Lesson 96 Using Reciprocals to Divide Fractions.

5/24- Test 18


This week we continue to build comprehension skills through studying cause and effect relationships and using compare and contrasting strategies. We have read a wonderful story from our text called The Memory Box, and will be creating our own Memory Boxes. The 5th graders continue to challenge themselves to select books from unfamiliar genres. Many have expressed surprise and delight in discovering a new favorite genre!


Students are beginning a new unit on the human body. In Chapter 3 of the Family Life text, students will look at messages they receive from communication media. They will learn the importance of honesty and respect in good communication and prayer as a communication with God.

Students continue to experiment with vehicles. They will predict and investigate how variations in rubber band energy affect the distance their vehicle travels. They will discuss the relationship between the number of turns of the rubber band around the axle and the distance their axel-driven vehicles travel.

Social Studies

The Fifth Graders are working on Chapter 13, The Revolutionary War.  We are completing the Interactive Notebook notes in class. The test will be on Thursday, May 24th.

Language Arts

This week students are gaining knowledge on different Poetic Devices including; Simile, Metaphor, and Alliteration. Students have completed Simile and Metaphor final drafts and are working towards poems on Alliteration. The next poetry assignment will be a poem on colors using the Poetic Devices learned thus far. Students also have a Memorization Poetry Assignment due on or before June 1st.

Please continue to encourage your student to study their spelling words.

Ms. Semandiris