May 31, 2012

May 31, 2012

Dear Fifth Grade Parents.

Today was the 6th Grade Wax Museum and I was very busy grading all the presentations! I know that the fifth graders are excited for that next year. The following is a brief curriculum update for the following week.

-Missing work & Tests need to be completed on or before June 8th


6/4 – Lesson 100 Simplifying Decimal Numbers

6/5 – Test 19

6/6 – Investigation 10

6/7 – Lesson 101 – Rounding Mixed Numbers to the Nearest Whole Number


The fifth graders are currently studying Ch. 9 New Life. They are completing a study guide and a “sacrament poster” for this lesson in class. There will be no formal assessment for this chapter. Next week we will be using Religion class time to teach Family Life.


Students will wrap up their study of motion and design by presenting to the class the vehicles they have constructed.

Family Life: Students begin Chapter 5 & 6: Growing to Fatherhood and Motherhood. Students will learn about the male and female reproductive system and its part in God’s plan for new life.

Social Studies

The Fifth graders are working on Chapter 14, The Constitution. They are learning about the three branches of government and their powers. In class they will be making “Power Cards” which state the various powers of each branch.  They will then use these powers to solve several hypothetical scenarios our country could face. The test for Chapter 14 is on June 5th.


As we approach the end of the school year and look forward to the lazy, hazy days of summer, please encourage your child to participate in Mrs. Harris’ Summer Reading Challenge! I’ll be there to help dish up pancakes at the breakfast for those who participate, and hope to see many of of this year’s 5th graders there. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with your children this year. Thank you. Mrs. McFaul

Language Arts

This week students are completing their Poetry Unit in which they have learned about different Poetic Devices: Onomatopoeia, Alliteration, Metaphor and Simile. The Camp Seymour and Color Poem are due, on or before, June 8th. Students have received a rubric last week and are to follow their rubric closely.

Dates To Keep in Mind:

-Last Spelling Test, June 4th

-Color Poem due on or before June 8th

-Camp Seymour Poem due on or before June 8th

-Missing work & Spelling Tests need to be completed on or before June 8th