May 2, 2014

May 1, 2014

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Camp is next week May 7-9! Please review the letter that was sent home with your child on Monday. It has reminders for camp. Also, we wanted to remind you that if you are donating any snacks please remember we are going “Nut” free!

I have copied the Camp Reminder letter below.




Friday 5/2 – Ch. 9, Lesson 4

Monday 5/5 – Ch. 9 Lesson 7

Tuesday 5/6 – Ch. 9 Lesson 8


Social Studies

The fifth graders are working on Chapter 10, Growing Tensions Between the Colonists and Britain. They are currently learning about six specific events that led up to the Revolutionary War. We are completing the Interactive Notebook in class. It is important to use class time wisely. I will be given a certain number of class periods to complete this information and then it will be assigned as homework for those who have not finished. The States test is on Friday, May 2nd. Next week because of Camp Seymour we will only have one Social Studies class. The test for Ch. 10 will be on May 15th.



Students continue to experiment with vehicles. They will predict and investigate how variations in rubber band energy affect the distance their vehicle travels. They will discuss the relationship between the number of turns of the rubber band around the axle and the distance their axel-driven vehicles travel.



Language Arts

Students are currently focusing on Sentence Fluency and how to use transition properly in their writing. During the past two weeks, students have been working in groups creating character descriptions. This week, students will begin their own character description. Students will brainstorm, create rough drafts and final drafts in class. The submission date for the character description is May 8th.


Students will have a spelling test May 6th.


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Camp is approaching fast and it is time to communicate to you some important details and reminders for the big trip.

 Wednesday May 7, 2014


  • Arrive at school at the normal time. Have your child bring all bags to the school hall. (One suggestion is to put the sleeping bag and pillow in big plastic bag so it does not get muddy.) After this is done, have your child report immediately to their classroom for attendance. Please do not worry about being tardy because of all the bags. We are very understanding on camp departure day!


  • Kennedy High School Buses will arrive around 9:15am. We will need help loading the buses. Estimated departure time is 9:30am.


  • Please bring a SACK LUNCH on Wednesday, May 7th. We will be eating this sack lunch the first day we arrive. Please do not include any plastic containers because we will need to dispose of everything after lunch


  • Please have your child bring up all medication to the classroom. Please put all medication in one plastic baggy. Make sure that everything is labeled and in the original containers.



  • Camp store money should be labeled and put in an envelope. We will collect this envelope during attendance on the day of departure.


  • Please drop off all snacks in the school hall. We will have a designated spot to put all the goodies. If you are donating non-perishable items, you may bring them in, prior to camp, on Monday or Tuesday.



  • Parents are welcomed to stay in the auditorium to help us load the buses.


  • We will return from camp around 12:15 on Friday afternoon. (May 9th) Please be at Holy Rosary to pick up your child around this time.


Mr. David Schreck                                                                    Ms. Penny Semandiris