April 17, 2014

April 17, 2014

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family! 5A decorated Easter candles, which is a Greek Tradition. Tomorrow 3/18 the students will bring them home. Please read the following which is taped to the wrapping:

This is a very special candle for Easter!

You can save this candle and put it on

your altar table at home. If you choose

to light it at the Easter Vigil please have

appropriate parental supervision.

Christos Anesti! Christ Is Risen!


Week of April 28 – May 2nd:



When we get back from Spring Break we will begin Chapter 19, Answering God’s Call.



4/18: Ch. 9 L. 4 Hand On: Using Models to Add Unlike Fractions

4/28: Ch. 9, L. 5, Add Unlike Fractions – Check My Progress HW

4/29: Check My Progress Quiz L. 1-5

4/30: Ch. 9, L. 6, Hands On: Use Models to Subtract Unlike Fractions

5/1: Ch. 9, L. 7, Subtract Unlike Fractions

5/2: Ch. 9, L. 8, Problem-Solving Investigation

5/5: Ch. 9, L. 9, Estimate Sums and Differences

5/6: Ch. 9, Check My Progress L. 6-9

5/7-9: Camp Seymour!!!!


Social Studies

The week after Spring Break we will continue our study of Chapter 10, Growing Tensions between the Colonies and Great Britain. Students will be learning about the events that led up to the Revolutionary War.



Students are learning about motion. Students will set up a system to pull the vehicles they have built from K’nex pieces. They will then compare and discuss how the motion of their vehicle changes when more or less weight on a string is used to pull them. Students will then draw conclusions about the effect of differently weighted strings on the motion of their string-pulled vehicles.


Language Arts

Students have started studying Sentence Fluency more in-depthly. They will create character descriptions with a focus on sentence fluency and rhythm in their writing at the end of the unit. During the unit, students will also be able to identify and properly use transitions words. Students will have a spelling test April 29th, the Tuesday after spring break. Happy Easter!