May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

May is going fast! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather we are having today. Here is the news for next week:

Monday: Lesson 101,
Tuesday: Lesson 102, Subtracting Decimal Numbers Using Zeros
Wednesday: Lesson 103, Volume
Thursday: Lesson 104, Rounding Decimal Numbers
Friday: Lesson 105, Symmetry

We will have the Chapter 9 test next Wednesday. The study guide it due tomorrow.

Students will take a quiz on Chapter 3 & 4 in the Family Life text next Tuesday. Students will begin Chapter 5. They will learn about the male reproductive system and its part in God’s plan for new life.

Social Studies
Tomorrow we will have the Chapter 12 test. Next week we will begin Chapter 13, The Revolutionary War. By the end of Chapter 13, students will be able to compare and contrast the American and British forces at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. They will be able to explain key factors that allowed the American colonies to defeat Britain in the Revolutionary War. They will also be able to list the key factors of the Treaty of Paris.

Language Arts
Students practice identifying and writing subject, object and possessive pronouns. We also review the use of pronouns as part of contractions. Students will take a quiz on pronouns next Thursday. They will be given a study guide this Friday. Spelling homework is due on Monday. Our test will also be on Monday.


Students turned in their 3rd Trimester Book Reports today. They are currently working on a culminating project for the novel, Number the Stars. Three class periods have been given to work on this. The ABC book is due on May 22nd. No homework passes will be accepted.

Ms. Semandiris