May 22, 2008

May 22, 2008

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

This week has been very interesting with all the changes in the weather! One day it is hot and the next… rain. Hopefully tomorrow will be sunny for Field Day. By the way, please have your child bring a water bottle to school tomorrow filled with some cold water for Field Day. 5A’s color is blue.

Monday: Lesson 104, Rounding Decimal Numbers to the Nearest Whole Number
Tuesday: Lesson 105, Symmetry
Wednesday: Lesson 106, Reading and ordering Decimal Numbers Through Ten-Thousand
Thursday: Test # 20
Friday: Lesson 107, Using Percent to Name Part of a Group

We have begun Chapter 19, which focuses on the Sacraments of Commitment. Students will learn about the Sacrament of matrimony as well as Holy Orders. My Monday religion classes will be reserved for the Family Life curriculum. I will be teaching the girls and Mr. Schreck will teach the boys for Chapters 5 & 6.

Social Studies
The fifth graders have begun to learn about the Revolutionary War in Chapter 13. We will have a Chapter 13 test next Friday May 30th.

5th graders took a Selection Test today, which covered the story, In the days of King Adobe, some new vocabulary, and the target skill of plot. Also, students turned in their ABC books for Number the Stars.

Next week we will read another story from our Scott Foresman Reading books, followed by a Selection Test. Looking ahead to our end of the year test during the first week of June… It is not a test that students can study for ahead of time. It will be a series of short passages followed by comprehension questions. I will encourage the 5th graders to use the strategies we have been practicing all year, such as: pre-reading the questions, highlighting important information while reading, and re-reading parts of the passage for deeper understanding. I will also emphasize the importance of proper rest during these final weeks of school as a key to finishing strong!

Language Arts
The fifth graders will be studying the sections and writing forms used in newspapers. We’ll practice writing for different sections of the paper. Due to the holiday weekend, there is not a spelling assignment or test this week.

Students are beginning a Chapter 4, Electricity. Students will learn how electrons cause objects to attract and repel and what causes electrons to jump from one object to another. Students will also discover how electric current flows in an electric circuit. Students will assemble an electric circuit to determine which objects are electrical conductors or insulators.
Family Life: Students will begin Chapter 5, Growing to Fatherhood on Monday, May 26th.

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris