May 8, 2008

May 8, 2008

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

The following is a brief curriculum update for the week of May 12-16. I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

5/12: 97, Ratios
5/13: 98, Negative Numbers
5/14: 99, Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers and Decimal Numbers
5/15: 100, Simplifying Decimal Numbers
5/16: Test # 19

This week we are continuing on with Chapter 9. The students are working on their beautiful Sacrament posters. These are due on Wednesday 5/14. (Rubric will be given on Monday).

Social Studies
The fifth graders are working on Chapter 12, The Declaration of Independence. Next week they will be creating skits to learn more about the meaning of the Declaration of Independence. There will be a test next Friday on Chapter 12. (5/16)

Language Arts: Students have been working hard on their comic books. We’ll finish these and print them next week. In class, we learn about subject and object pronouns. Students have a spelling assignment that is due on Monday. Our test is also on Monday.

Science/Family Life
In Chapter 3 and 4 of the Family Life text, students will look at messages they receive from communication media. They will learn the importance of honesty and respect in good communication and prayer as a communication with God. Students will also learn the changes that occur during puberty. They will discuss the importance of growing in a balanced way-physically, mentally, morally, and spiritually.

Ms. Semandiris