March 6, 2014

March 6, 2014


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


 Happy March! We have been very busy here in the fifth grade. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for March 12th at 6pm in the HRS Library for the Camp Seymour Parent Meeting.


 The following is a curriculum update for the week of March 10-14, 2014.





3/7 – Friday Ch. 6 Test Part 1


3/10 – Monday Ch. 6 Test Part 2


3/11 – Tuesday Ch. 7, Expressions & Patterns Lesson 1, Hands On –Numerical Expressions


3/12 – Wednesday Ch. 7 Lesson 2, Order of Operations


3/13 – Thursday Ch. 7, Lesson 3, Write Numerical Expressions


3/14 – Problem Solving Investigation –Lesson 4





We are currently working on Chapter 18, Liturgy of the Eucharist. Students have received the study guide and we will be working on it during class. We also had a lesson on Lent and each student made personal goals for Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving.  Our 5th grade Lenten Project is donating monetarily to our Uganda sister school and the students that we have adopted. We decided to bring in anything we can spare each Friday until Good Friday!

Social Studies


The fifth graders will have the Chapter 8 Test tomorrow, 3/7. Next week we will begin Chapter 9, Life in Colonial Williamsburg. In this Chapter, students will travel around Williamsburg, Virginia and visit various places such as the Shoemaker Shop, the Church, and the Governors Palace.






Students will investigate the niche of the barn owl by dissecting owl pellets. Students will use a bone chart to identify the species of small animals that barn owls prey upon.






 The 5th Graders are working on an assessment to conclude Number the Stars. Students are working in partners to create and present a poster highlighting the important events of an assigned chapter. All of this work is being completed during class time. 


Thank you for your participation in bringing lunches and toiletry items for St. Martin de Porres this Friday. 




Language Arts


The fifth grade students have concluded their studies on antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms. Students have started a long unit on prefixes and suffixes. In this unit, students will be identifying what each prefix and suffix means, along with applying prefixes and suffixes to root words. This unit will continue up to the week of ITBS testing, March 24th-April 4th. During ITBS testing students will have light homework in Language Arts.