February 27, 2014

 February 27, 2014

 Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

 The Following is a curriculum update for the week of March 3 -7, 2014.


 2/28 – Bingo Bash!!! 6pm -8pm

 3/5 Ash Wednesday Mass  – 8:45am

3/12 – Camp Seymour Informational Parent Meeting – 6pm in HRS Library!!!


 We will have the Chapter 17 Test on Monday. Please bring your study guide to turn in on Monday as well as your poster for “The Liturgy of the Word”. Next we will be moving on to Chapter 18, Liturgy of the Eucharist. We will begin Lent on 3/5, with Ash Wednesday Mass at 8:45am.


 2/28 – Ch. 6 L. 12, Hand On – Use Models to Divide Decimals

 3/3 – Ch. 6, L/ 13, Divide Decimals

 3/ 4 – Ch. 6, L. 14, Divide Decimals by Powers of Ten

 3/5 – No math class but HW is p.467-470

 3/6 – Chapter Review

 3/7 – Chapter 6 Test

 Social Studies

 The fifth graders are studying Chapter 8, Facing Slavery. In this Chapter the students will be experiencing three dilemmas that the West African people faced. They will have to choose a solution then learn about what really happened in history.  The Interactive Notebook will be completed in class. The test for this lesson is on 3/7.


Students begin Chapter 4, Ecology. Students will explore the components of soil by classifying the parts into living, once-living and nonliving. Student will learn about the parts of an ecosystem. They will also discover how habitats and niches are related.

 Language Arts

Students have been examining the differences between Antonyms, Synonyms and Homonyms. This week students have completed an art project that accompanies their learning. The project is displayed in the hall next to the 6B classroom. Next week, students will review grammar concepts taught already this year in preparation for their ITBS test at the end of March. Our next unit of study will be Greek and Latin Roots. 


 The 5th grade students will have a spelling test next week on March 4th.