March 28, 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

Please return the Camp Seymour permission slips by April 19th-thank you!

For our Lenten project, Fifth Grade will be collecting items for a program run by St. James and Catholic Community Services called the Solanus Casey Center. Students are encouraged to bring in items from this list:

hand warmers

hats, gloves



hotel-sized soap, shampoo and lotion

Wish List:

5 reams each of colored and white paper


boxes of tea, cocoa and coffee (already ground)

coffee mug


Curriculum Update for the week of 4/1 – 4/5:



We are currently working on Chapter 17, Liturgy of the Word. The study guide is due tomorrow and we will be going over it in class. The test will be next Friday 4/5.



On Monday (5/1) we will have our Chapter 8 Test. Students have completed a Chapter Review, a Pre- Test, which is very similar in format to the test, and another in class review. Students need to know the following concepts: Greatest Common Factor, Simplest Form, Least Common Multiple, Comparing Fractions, & Writing Fractions as Decimals.

4/1 – Ch. 8 Test

4/2 – Ch. 8 Test

4/3 – Ch. 9 L. 1 – Round Fractions

4/4 – Ch. 9 L. 2 – Add Like Fractions

4/5 – Ch. 9 L. 3 – Subtract Like Fractions


Mr. Schreck

Chapter 9, Add & Subtract Fractions

Mr. Schreck

Chapter 9, Add & Subtract Fractions

Friday: Lesson 11, Add Mixed Numbers

Monday: Lesson 12, Subtract Mixed Numbers

Tuesday: Lesson 13, Subtract with Renaming

Wednesday: Review Lesson 13

Thursday: Chapter 9 Test

Math (Mrs. H):

Next week we will continue our study of algebraic expressions.  The students are beginning to feel more comfortable with the idea of representing unknown values with a variable.  We will continue this study by using the properties to help us combine like terms and simplify algebraic expressions.  After we complete the chapter, we will spend two days reviewing the concepts before we take our ch. 6 test.

Social Studies

Tomorrow 4/29 we will have the Chapter 9 test. Next week we will move on to Chapter 10, Tensions Grow Between Great Britain and the Colonies.

Description: In an Experiential Exercise, students plan a class party and then experience frustration when the PTA places restrictions on the party. Students relate their feelings to those of the colonists and then match metaphors of parent-child conflicts with key historical events.

Essential Question: What British actions angered the colonists in the 1700s?


Students will complete Lesson 15 Spelling Quiz, which will included the challenge words, and Lesson 15 Writing Prompt next week. Please encourage your student to begin studying the Spelling Words this weekend, quiz next Friday April 5th, to ensure they are prepared for next Friday’s quiz.


Students have discussed how the thickness of an atmosphere and the design of a parachute affect the speed of the falling parachute. They will observe and analyze a model that demonstrates how atmospheres of different thicknesses affect falling objects. Students are building parachutes to test three isolated variables used parachute design: canopy size, canopy material and length of suspension lines.


Our literary focus in Book Clubs this week has been identifying Character Traits and making personal connections with characters. Working in groups has also provided many opportunities for conflict resolution, compromise and peer mentoring, particularly with the technical aspects of working with Google slides. Next week we will continue reading our books, as well as identify which SLE (Schoolwide Learning Expectations) we are practicing as we work in Book Clubs.


Complete 1 hour of typing practice by Wednesday on Typing Club.  Be sure to use the correct URL for signing in. Please note calendar for due dates and upcoming typing tests. Class grades will be weighted as follows: 50% Class Participation 20% Typing Homework 30% Typing Tests.

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