March 21, 2019

March 14, 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

Camp Seymour

There will be a parent informational meeting regarding Fifth Grade Camp in the school library Wednesday, March 27th at 6 p.m. Fifth graders will go to Camp Seymour May 8-10 (Wed.-Fri.). Please let me know if you are unable to attend the meeting so I can forward an information packet. Also, we need two more Lady/Parent chaperones for camp. If you are interested please contact me!

Lenten Project

For our Lenten project, Fifth Grade will be collecting items for a program run by St. James and Catholic Community Services called the Solanus Casey Center. Students are encouraged to bring in items from this list:

hand warmers

hats, gloves



hotel-sized soap, shampoo and lotion


Wish List:

5 reams each of colored and white paper


boxes of tea, cocoa and coffee (already ground)

coffee mug



3/22 – Noon Dismissal


Curriculum Update:


We are currently working on Chapter 17, Liturgy of the Word students are working to complete the study guide. The test for this chapter is on April 2nd. Tomorrow, 5A students will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Originally it was scheduled for next Friday but Father needed to change the date.



3/25 Ch. 8 L. 7, Hands On: Use Models to Write Fractions as Decimals

3/26 Ch. 8 L. 8, Write Fractions as Decimals

3/27 Chapter 8 Review

3/28 Ch. 8 Pre-Test

3/29 Ch. 8 Test

Math (Mrs. H) 5th Grade:

Next week we will begin working with algebraic expressions.  We will start by simplifying algebraic expressions.  The students will explore the Distributive Properties and combining like terms.  This chapter is rich with math vocabulary.  Students will be able to identify different parts and processes of algebraic expressions: terms, like terms, coefficients, constants, combining like terms, simplify expressions, factor expressions, etc.  Looking forward to continue our work with algebra!


Mr. Schreck

Chapter 9, Add & Subtract Fractions

Thursday: Lesson 7, Subtract Unlike Fractions

Friday: Lesson 8, Problem Solving Investigation

Monday: Lesson 9, Estimate Sums & Differences

Tuesday: Review Lessons 7-9

Wednesday: Quiz, Lessons 7-9

Thursday: Lesson 10, Use Models to Add Mixed Numbers


Students begin a unit in the Engineering is Elementary program titled: Aerospace Engineering: Designing Parachutes.

This unit introduces the field of aerospace engineering by guiding students to explore how aerospace engineers design and test technologies to be used in non-Earth environments. Hands-on activities, discussions, and readings are used to introduce students to the Engineering Design Process, the work of engineers.

Language Arts

Students will complete Lesson 14 Spelling Quiz today, March 21st. The next quiz will be Friday April 5th and it will also include challenge words. If your student is missing any work, due to illness, please check power school to see if they need any make up assignments, I did excuse class works. Stay healthy!


We are into our 2nd week for Book Clubs! The students seem to be really enjoying their discussions focused on what they are reading. Each group is slowly building a slide show that will be shared with the larger group at the end of the Book Club unit. Students should be reading their books to make sure they are caught up in their assigned reading.

Social Studies

We are currently finishing up our study of Chapter 9, Williamsburg Virginia. The study guide will be pushed out on Google Classroom on 3/22 and the test is on 3/29.




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