March 14, 2019

March 14, 2019


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


For our Lenten project, Fifth Grade will be collecting items for a program run by St. James and Catholic Community Services called the Solanus Casey Center. Students are encouraged to bring in items from this list:

hand warmers

hats, gloves



hotel-sized soap, shampoo and lotion


Wish List:

5 reams each of colored and white paper


boxes of tea, cocoa and coffee (already ground)

coffee mug


There will be a parent informational meeting regarding Fifth Grade Camp in the school library Wednesday, March 27th at 6 p.m. Fifth graders will go to Camp Seymour May 8-10 (Wed.-Fri.). Please let me know if you are unable to attend the meeting so I can forward an information packet.




3/18 – Ch. 8, L. 1- 4 Quiz

3/19 – Ch. 8, L. 5 Least Common Multiple

3/20 – Ch. 8, L. 6 Compare Fractions

3/21 – Ch. 8, L. 8 Write Fractions as Decimals

3/22 – Ch. 8, Chapter review



Mr. Schreck

Chapter 9, Add & Subtract Fractions

Monday: Lesson 5, Add Unlike Fractions

Tuesday: Review Lessons 1-5

Wednesday: Quiz, Lessons 1-5

Thursday: Lesson 7, Subtracts Unlike Fractions


Mrs. Heuer

Next week, we will complete chapter 5 with our test on Tuesday.  We will review two days before taking the test.  The students should make sure to be completely engaged in the review sessions and use their study guide carefully.  These are both great resources to feel confident for the test.  We are also working really hard on making sure each night’s HW shows careful work and good effort.  Attention to detail will help the students grow tremendously as math students.  In our next chapter, we will be looking at expressions, which will be a great introduction to algebraic thinking.


Social Studies

We have been working on Chapter 9, Life in Colonial Williamsburg.

Description: In a writing for understanding activity, students take a “walking tour” of colonial Williamsburg to examine aspects of colonial life, such as government, social life, and religion.

The test for this Chapter has been postponed to 3/29. I will hand out a study guide in class early next week. (I will post it on Google Classroom as well.)



Students continue to investigate the niche of the barn owl by dissecting owl pellets. Students will use a bone chart to identify the species of small animals that barn owls prey upon.


Language Arts

The next Quiz will be March 21st (THURSDAY) due to a half day school on March 22nd on Lesson 14 words. Challenge words will be included for the Lesson 14 Quiz.



Students will learn about the Liturgy of the Word in Chapter 16. In this chapter students study the different parts of the Liturgy of the Word. We have started the study as well. Students are creating Dead Sea Scrolls in class by choosing a passage from the book of Isaiah and then explaining the meaning of the passage on their own hand made scroll.



This week we’ve started reading in Book Clubs! The students selected a title that they will be reading with a few other students. Everybody will have the chance to be the leader in Book Club. Students will be deciding together how much to read each night. The culminating project will be a powerpoint book report to share with the class that may inspire others to read that same book. Note: there will continue to be small homework assignments similar to the close reading that came home on Monday night.



Complete 1 hour of typing practice by Monday, March 18 on Typing Club.
All students must have headphones or earbuds by March 19 for use in tech lab. Earbuds are convenient because they can be kept in their filer. Students who do not have earbuds/headphones by Tuesday, March 19 will receive a materials infraction.


Have a great weekend!

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