March 21, 2013

March 21, 2013

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Thank you so much for attending the Camp Seymour Parent Meeting last night! Please return the field trip permission slip, medical forms by April 22nd.  Next week is Holy Week and it is a very special time for us. The following is a curriculum update for the following week.

3/27 –9am Penance Service (Perfect Uniform)

3/28 – Faith Family 2:25pm-2:50pm

2/29 –Good Friday – Stations of the Cross 11am. (Perfect Uniform) Noon Dismissal


3/25 Lesson 80, Prime and Composite Numbers

3/26 Test 15

3/27 No Math

3/28 Investigation 8


Next week we enter into the most sacred week of the year, Holy Week. Our lessons next week will be about Holy Week and the events that led up to the Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We will be learning the Stations of the Cross and acting them out in small groups in class. We will be reading from the Bible about the events leading up to the Resurrection. Students will be receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Wednesday at 9am. It will be a communal Penance Service.

Social Studies

This week the fifth graders will continue to work on Chapter 10, Growing Tensions between the Colonies and Great Britain. In this lesson students will be working with a partner to learn about 6 events that lead up to the Revolutionary War.  This test will be after Easter Break on April 12th.

Please remind your child to study for the States and Capitals test which will be on March 27th.  They should be able to locate each state when given a map of the United States. They should also be able to match the States and the Capitals.


Students are learning what food chains, food webs and energy pyramids show about energy flow in an ecosystem.

To help students understand these concepts, they will create a food webs and an energy pyramid for an Antarctic ecosystem.


We’re just finishing up our 2nd Book Club unit with an end of book test today. Next week we’ll be reading from the Bible as we mark the events of Holy Week.

Language Arts

Students had a test on March 15th on prefixes, suffixes and root words. The test also included spelling rules; for example the silent “e”, the “y” rule and doubling consonants rule.

This past Monday, students were introduced to a new unit, Character Descriptions. Students started using adjectives and descriptive phrases to write a short descriptive paragraph about a chosen classroom character. Next week, students will begin their own character descriptions and apply the model used in class. Character Description paragraphs will be completed next week in class and the final submission will not be due until after Spring Break.