March 19, 2015


March 19, 2015


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Thank you so much for attending the Camp Seymour meeting last night. Please turn in the permission slip and the medical forms by April 20, 2015.



  • Bring in monetary donation for our Uganda Student
  • Return Library Books in order to receive Report Card
  • Report Cards 3/27





We have begun Chapter 18, Liturgy of the Eucharist. The study guide has been handed out for this chapter and students have been working on it in class.



Monday        3/23 Ch. 8 L. 2 Greatest Common Factor

Tuesday       3/24 Lesson 2 – Continued

Wednesday 3/25 Ch. 8 L. 3 – Simplest Form

Thursday     3/26 Ch. 8 L. 3 Continued

Friday           3/27 Ch. 8 Problem Solving

Monday        3/30 Check My Progress L. 1-4



Students will learn what food chains, food webs and energy pyramids show about energy flow in an ecosystem.

To help students understand these concepts, they will create a food web and energy pyramid for an Antarctic ecosystem.


Language Arts

This week in spelling students studied words with –ed and –ing endings. Students learned about descriptive adjectives, linking verbs, and articles in grammar. As a class this week we discussed the difference between formal and informal writing and students began their next writing project that focuses on writing an informal letter.

Social Studies

The fifth graders are working on Ch. 10, Tensions Grow Between the Colonies and Great Britain. In this Chapter students will learn about the growing tensions through the metaphor of Great Britain being the “mother” and the Colonies being the “child”. We will be learning about six specific events that led up to the Revolutionary War. Students are creating skits about each event. Presentations will be Thursday 3/26. The test for Chapter 10 is on 3/27.




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