March 26, 2015


March 26, 2015


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


As we enter into Holy Week, I pray that you all have a meaningful week in anticipation of the Risen Christ. We are finishing up our Uganda collection next week. Please read below for more details about bringing in donations next week!


Friday March 27th:

Bring in $1.00 for Father John’s gift

Free Dress…..Dress 50’s Style!!!


By Wednesday April 1st:

Bring in 1 can of food

$ for Uganda



4/30 – Ch. 8 Check My Progress (1-4)

4/31 – Ch 8 L. 5, Least Common Multiple

5/1 –  Ch. 8 L. 6 Compare Fractions

5/2 – Ch. 8, L. 7 Hands On Use Models to Write Factions as Decimals

5/3 – Ch 8, L. 8 Write Fractions as Decimals


Social Studies

Next week students will begin Chapter 11, To Declare Independence or not? In this chapter we will be analyzing original excerpts of the Declaration of Independence. Students will be using word banks to translate words that are rarely used in modern times.



We have finished the study guide for Chapter 18, Liturgy of the Eucharist. The test will be next Wednesday, April 1st. Next week (Holy Week) we will be reviewing the Stations of the Cross and preparing skits to act out in class.



We just finished Lesson 17. In addition to the Science Fiction selection this week, we spent a considerable amount of time working with Reference Materials: Dictionary, Thesaurus and Glossary. Please remind your child to check his or her Powerschool regularly. There are already some missing Reading assignments posted for Trimester 3. Students should always take advantage of the opportunity to make corrections and turn in missing work for credit.




Students will learn about natural cycles in an ecosystem. They will discover how carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and water cycle through an ecosystem. Students will take a test on Chapter 4, Ecology, Friday, April 17th.


Language Arts

This week in spelling students continued studying words with –ed and –ing endings. Students learned about adverbs in grammar and began a character description in writing. We are working on using more concrete descriptions and supporting examples in our writing, and will focus on this through the character description.

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