January 6, 2011

January 6, 2011

Dear Fifth Grade Parents!
Happy New Year! This week has been very busy getting back to work in the fifth grade. Please remember that we will have the “Epiphany Musical Performance” that is taking the place of the Christmas Program on January 13th. Students should report to the 5A classroom by 6:30 pm. Another date for your calendar is Camp Seymour April 4-6, 2011. We will have a parent informational meeting in early February!

This week, our school & class web pages as well as Powerschool were not accessible due to problems with our internet connection. Next week, our school’s server is being moved and we anticipate more interruptions. You may have also experienced difficulty reaching us through email. On occasion, we may lose internet access throughout the day, which may delay posting of homework or other information via the website. We want to emphasize that a student’s primary point of communication for homework is through the assignment notebook/planner. It is the student’s responsibility to fill in each subject’s assignments on a daily basis. Each homeroom also posts daily assignments in the classroom. Teachers post assignments on their web-pages as a back-up to the assignment notebook. If your child has been solely relying on the class web-page to retrieve assignment information, this is a good opportunity to reinforce the importance of consistent use of the assignment notebook/planner. This interruption is service is temporary, and everything should be running smoothly by week’s end. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Lights, Camera, AUCTION!
Hey families, its that time again! The premiere of the 2011 HEART website featuring this year’s theme of Lights, Camera, Auction is ready. Take a sneak preview, and if you are ready, donate now!
Family donations are due online by January 21st. All families who enter their donation online by Friday, January 7th will receive the incentive du jour… a free dress pass, for each child in your family.
Need ideas to meet your $100 dollar family HEART commitment? Please see the flier of donation ideas for your grade in today’s Boomerang as well as below.

5th Grade Room A
We want to make procurement EASY! This year your class is assigned the following theme:
In the category of Music Lover, the nominees are:
EMP tickets
Tickets to a concert at the Gorge
Tickets to the Seattle Symphony
Music lessons; guitar, piano, voice
iPod Touch with iTunes gift card
Volunteer hours to convert a CD library to iTunes
Karaoke machine
iPod docking station
Gift certificate to Easy Street
Need more ideas? Contact your procurement team at auction-procurement@holyrosaryws.org.
Do you have an item you really want to donate, but doesn’t fit in with your class theme? That’s ok – we’ll take it. Creating themes will make it easier for us to package items as they come in. Remember the total value of your donations should be $100.

Here is a curriculum update for the week of January 11-15th:
Monday: 1/10, Test #9
Tuesday: Rehearsal for Epiphany Program 9:30am
Wednesday: 11/12,1/11, Investigation 5
Thursday: Lesson 51, Multiplying by Two-Digit Numbers
On Monday and Tuesday we completed our Epiphany emotion poems and they are being displayed in the main entry of the school. Please take some time to read these beautiful poems. Friday we will begin Chapter 15, Forgiveness and Healing. In this Chapter we will study the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. We will be learning about the story of the Two Sons, Luke 15:11-32. We will also be learning about Father Damien of Molokai and his incredible dedication to the people who had Hansen’s Disease, or Leprosy. The study guide for this chapter will be passed out on Friday and due next Thursday. The test for this Chapter will be on Monday 1/17.

Social Studies
We are working on Lesson 7, Comparing the Colonies. The students are making billboards for their assigned colony. They will be making a presentation in class next Wednesday (1/12) to promote their colony. The Lesson 7 test will be next Thursday (1/13). The interactive notebook is being assigned for HW each night. It is due on Tuesday (1/11) for both classes.

5th graders are excited to be involved in book groups! Each student takes a turn leading their group through the day’s discussion and activities. The students are setting their own reading assignments, keeping journals and participating in good discussion about the stories. Our target date for completion of this unit is Jan. 18th.

Students will be participating in a special kind of science fair called the Invention Convention. It is designed to promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Students will invent a new product or develop a new method for doing something. Instructions and a grading rubric will be handed out in class Friday. A copy is also available on this web site . Inventions are due Friday, January 28th. They will be displayed in the hallway for Catholic Schools Week.

Language Arts: This week, students composing diamante poems about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We will be creating a special illustration to go along with the poem. Students are asked to bring in a black and white picture of Dr. King (8×10 or smaller) from the internet (or a photocopy from a book is fine too) by Monday for this project. In spelling and grammar lessons, we focus on singular and plural nouns. The spelling assignment is due on Monday; our test will also be on Monday.

Ms. Semandirs