December 16, 2010

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy the break and time with your family!

We have been working on our bulletin board for January (in the main hall) about Epiphany. Students are water coloring a scene of the “Three Kings” on their to see the new born Jesus or a scene of them visiting Jesus at the Nativity scene. We also will be working on an Emotion poem to go with the pictures. We will begin the writing on Monday, January 3rd. The completed poem/watercolor will be due on Thursday 1/6.

A BIG thanks to everyone who donated to our Adopted Family!! We raised $100.00 for each of the children. Then we had $100.00 to add for a gift card to Safeway!!!!! I bought the mom 2 very beautiful scarves and the dad received a gift card to Target from Dirke Hoslberry. So altogether, we raised over $500.00 for this family. May God be with them during this Christmas season.

Monday 1/3: Lesson 47, Simplifying Mixed Measures
Tuesday 1/4: Lesson 48,Reading and Writing Whole Numbers in Expanded Notation
Wednesday 1/5: Lesson 49, Solving Two-Step Word Problems
Thursday 1/6: Lesson 50, Finding an Average

Social Studies
The fifth graders will continue learning about Ch. 7, Comparing the Colonies when we return from Christmas break. They will be working in small groups to create a “Billboard” advertisement to convince people to move to their colony. Each group will be assigned a specific colony from either the New England, Middle or Southern colonies. Students will receive a handout with directions that their group will follow to complete this task.

Students are learning how to prepare slides to view under the microscope. Students will examine and describe the internal structure of an onion by viewing it under a microscope.

The 5th graders are very excited to begin the New Year in book clubs! Students have had the chance to pick their top 3 choices out of 7 titles. Students will begin meeting in their book clubs right away after the break. Reading assignments will be determined by the group as they problem-solve how to break up the reading in a way that allows them to finish the book in the allotted time. Most of the assigned reading will be completed as homework. Class time will be devoted to discussing the book and formulating responses to the prompts of the day in their book journals. These prompts will focus on various story elements. All students will have a turn at leading their book group through discussions and literature responses. Our first book club will run for approximately 2 weeks.

Language Arts
The students have worked very hard making special, creative Christmas projects to share with you. Also coming home today are some descriptive Christmas paragraphs and illustrations that you are sure to enjoy! When we return from break, we will begin a unit on verbs and word choice. Have a blessed holiday!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Καλα Χριστουγεννα και Καλη Χρονια!!
Ms. Semandiris