January 31, 2013

January 31, 2013

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

We have had a wonderful Catholic School’s Week! I hope you enjoyed the letter that your child brought home for you on Monday!  Here is a look at the curriculum of the week ahead. Tomorrow 2/1 is Western Day


2/4 Monday              Investigation 6

2/5 Tuesday              Lesson 61, using Letters to Identify Geometric Figures

2/6 Wednesday        Lesson 62, Estimating Arithmetic Answers

2/7 Thursday         Lesson 63, Subtracting a Fraction from a Whole Number Greater than 1.


This week we began Chapter 17, Liturgy of the Word. We will be learning about

the parts of the Liturgy of the Word. We will also be learning about the Dead Sea

Scrolls. Then we will create our own version of an ancient scroll.

Social Studies

Next week we will begin Lesson 8, Facing Slavery. We will be learning about slavery from the perspectives of West Africans facing difficult dilemmas as European slave traders take them farther and farther from their homeland.


Students did a fantastic job on their inventions. I saw many creative ideas and products! This week students will learn how adaptations help organisms survive in their environments. Students will be able to describe the difference between structural and behavioral adaptations in species.



Our next unit in grammar will focus on antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms. The students will be working on a small project during the week of Catholic Schools week. The project is due February 5th and a rubric will be passed out next week by homeroom teachers.

Have a great week!


Ms. Semandiris