January 24, 2013

January 24, 2013

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Next week is Catholic Schools Week. Please see the EFC for details of the week! On Thursday we have the Spelling Bee and our 5th grade participants are Michelle Nguyen and Nick Kuebler. All times for events for CSW are published in the EFC.

LUNCHES OF LOVE – BRING IN FOR TOMORROW 1/25!!! Non-perishable items only please!



Monday: Lesson 60, Finding a Fraction to Complete a WHole

Tuesday: Test 11


We will have our Chapter 16 test on Monday 1/28.  The study guide is exactly the information that will be on the test. Next week we will be making thank you cards for our neighbors around Holy Rosary School and then delivering them with a primrose.

Social Studies

The fifth graders will begin to memorize the map of the 13 Colonies on 1/25.  We will also begin a review of the 50 States Map, which they learned last year in the 4th Grade. In the fifth grade we add the memorization of the Capitals of the 50 States. There will be a map quiz on the 13 Colonies on 2/5.  The Map test of the 50 States and the capitals will be at the end of March.  Students will be memorizing this material at home a bit each night.  There are great websites on my web-page for you to use for the 50 States/Capitals as practice!


Inventions are due tomorrow. Students may turn them in on Monday if they need more time. They will be displayed in the hallway for Catholic Schools Week.

Students begin Ch. 3, Adaptations. Students will explore the effects of protective coloring in moths. Students will learn what adaptations are and how they help organisms survive in their environment.


We continue in Number the Stars. The students are engaging in wonderful discussions and seem to be enjoying this genre very much. Please encourage your child to initiate the communications with their study-buddy following any absences and to regularly check Powerschool for missing assignments.

Language Arts

Students have been busy learning how to properly use commas and quotations in writing. They have a quotation quiz on Thursday, January 24th. The 5th grade students have also begun to explore expository writing in the past couple weeks. The descriptive acrostic poem on Martin Luther King Jr. is due, with the completed illustration, on January 24th. Poems will be on display for Catholic Schools Week in the 6th grade hallway.

Our next unit in grammar will focus on antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms. The students will be working on a small project during the week of Catholic Schools week. The project is due February 5th and a rubric will be passed out next week by homeroom teachers.

Please be sure to check with your student to see if they have received a $5 coupon for Scholastic. Scholastic orders are due on January 31st . Please follow the directions on the back of the Scholastic pamphlet to order books online or submit the coupon with the order to Mrs. Kesterson.

Have  a great week!

Ms. Semandiris