January 27, 2011

January 27, 2011

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

I will be passing the Boomerang envelope out tomorrow, Friday 1/28. Inside the envelope you will find a folded piece of paper with directions for Mid-Trimester Reports. Please follow the directions and return it to me by Thursday 1/3.

We will be having a Camp Seymour Informational Meeting on 2/8. It will be held at 6pm in the HRS Library. (Parents only please…no students.)

The fifth graders are working on Chapter 16, Gathered for Mass. We will have our test on Monday, 2/7. The Study guide for this lesson is due on Thursday 2/3. Our review will be on Thursday 2/7. Next week we will be doing activities of service for Catholic Schools Week.

Monday: Lesson, 58, Writing Quotients as Mixed Numbers
Tuesday: Lesson 59, Fractions Equal to 1

Social Studies
The fifth graders are moving on to Chapter 9, Life in Colonial Williamsburg. In this lesson we will be taking a walking tour of Williamsburg to learn about daily life in the colonial Virginia capital.

Language Arts
This week, students are working on a special writing assignment and project. Each student is asked to bring in some sort of small container, like a box or tin (an old kleenex box is about the right size–not bigger, please)–preferably that has an opening or that can be opened–that we can use for this project. I ask that these containers are brought in by MONDAY, January 31st. Students have a spelling assignment this week that is due on Monday and our test is on Monday, as well. Please take some time to log on to Powerschool and review your child’s grades. Many students have been absent and have make-up work to complete (that will not be counted late). Please let me know how I can help your child if he/she has fallen behind.

Spelling Bee: Congratulations to 5B students Corey Zarkowski and Maya Fosado and 5A students Caleb Akiyama and Jonathan Vair! They will represent fifth grade in next week’s All-School Spelling Bee!!! The 5-8 grade Spelling Bee will take place on Thursday, February 3rd at 9:30 am. Parents are welcome to come lend support and encouragement!

Inventions are due tomorrow. They will be displayed in the hallway for Catholic Schools Week. Students begin Chapter 3, Adaptations. Students will explore how adaptations help organisms survive.