February 9, 2017

February 9, 2017


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Mid-Trimester Reports are coming home today in the Boomerang envelope. Please read the directions on the half sheet of paper. We would like you to return the signed portion when you have reviewed your child’s grades in Powerschool.


Next week on 2/15, we will have our first site visit from the Accreditation Team. *Perfect Uniform on that day!



Valentines Party – February 14th 11am – 11:35am!

We will be having a pizza party (pizza, fruit, drink and treat) so no lunch is needed that day.


If your child would like to make Valentine cards, please make one for every student in 5A. (We will only have time to pass out cards to 5A only.)



We are currently learning about Chapter 17, Liturgy of the Word. In class we are learning about the Dead Sea scrolls and we are creating our own Scrolls!



2/10 – ALEKS Practice/Review Packet for CH. 6

2/13- Ch. 6 Lesson 14, Divide Decimals by Power of 10

2/14- Chapter Review

2/15- Ch. 6 Part 1 Test

2/16- Ch. 6 Part 2 Test

2/17 – Ch. 6 Test Corrections/Preview Ch. 7



Students begin lesson 3 in Ecology: How energy moves through an ecosystem. Students will discover what food chains, food webs and energy pyramids show about energy flow in an ecosystem.

To help students understand these concepts, they will create a food web and energy pyramid for an Antarctic ecosystem.


Language Arts

This week the focus for spelling is words ending with –ed or –ing. Students will take their spelling test on Monday. In grammar, students are learning about descriptive adjectives and articles. In writing we continued working on the opinion essay, working to convince the reader of one improvement that can be made to Holy Rosary School. The focus of this essay has been using supportive examples and a variety of transitions.


Social Studies

The fifth graders will take the Chapter 8 test on Friday 2/10. Next we will be moving on to Chapter 9, Colonial Williamsburg. We will be experiencing this town by turning our classroom into 6 popular locations in Colonial Williamsburg


Reading – TBA

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