February 2, 2017


February 2, 2017


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


We are having so much fun this week during Catholic School Week!! There is lots of energy and excitement happening here in the fifth grade.


The following is a curriculum update for the week of February 6-10, 2017.



We will be moving on to Chapter 17 Liturgy of the Word. In this chapter we will be learning about the parts of the Liturgy of the Word. Students will also learn about the Dead Sea Scrolls and create their own modern day scroll.



2/6 – Ch. 6 L. 11, Divide Decimals by Whole Number

2/7 – Ch. 6 L. 13, Divide Decimals

2/8 – Ch. 6 L. 14, Divide Decimals by Powers of Ten

2/9 – Chapter Review

2/10 – Chapter Test 6


Social Studies

We are currently working on Chapter 8, Facing Slavery. In this Chapter we will be learning about the slave trade from the West African perspective. Students will be working through three dilemmas that the West African people faced during this time to decide what we would have done in their situation. Then we will learn what really happened in history. Students will be completing the Interactive Notebook Reading Notes in class. The test for this Chapter is on 2/10.



We spent this week reviewing key events from Number the Stars in preparation for the end of the book test. There’s been such an enthusiasm for this book which we’re going to take into our next unit: Book Clubs! Over the next few weeks, your children will select a book to read with several other classmates and participate in discussions and activities designed to enhance their comprehension and enjoyment of the story. Each student will have the opportunity to be the leader of the group during the course of the unit.



Students did a fantastic job on their inventions. I saw many creative ideas and products! Students will take an Ecology quiz on lessons 1 & 2 in their textbooks next Wednesday. They have completed two study guides in class to help them prepare.


Language Arts

This week students reviewed transitions in grammar and grouped them into useful categories for their writing. Students began working on an opinion essay focusing on how to persuade a certain audience. We worked on the graphic organizer and wrote the introduction paragraph together in class. Next week, we will continue working on this essay.



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