February 16, 2017


February 16, 2017


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


I hope you all have a wonderful Mid-Winter Break! A big thanks to our room mom, Karen Hansen, and all the parents, that helped make our Valentine’s Party a huge success.




2/17 – Noon Dismissal


2/24 – Bingo Bash!!! Don’t forget to sign up!!!



This curriculum update is for February 22- 24th!







We are currently learning about Chapter 17, Liturgy of the Word. Students are learning the sequence of events during this part of the Mass.



Ch. 7 Expressions and Patterns

2/22 – Ch. 7, L. 2, Order of Operations

2/23 – Ch. 7, L. 3, Write Numerical Expressions

2/24 – Check My Progress p. 505



Social Studies

Next week we will be moving on to Chapter 9, Colonial Williamsburg. We will be experiencing this town by turning our classroom into 6 popular locations in Colonial Williamsburg.



Students will learn about natural cycles in an ecosystem. They will discover how carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and water cycle through an ecosystem. Students will take a quiz on lessons 3 & 4 in their texts Wednesday, March 1st.


Language Arts

This week in language arts the focus for spelling once again was words with –ed or    –ing endings. In grammar, students learned about adverbs and practiced identifying them in writing. Students finished their Holy Rosary School opinion essays this week and submitted them. Next week we will work on writing a friendly letter.

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