February 20, 2014

 February 20, 2014

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

We will be having a Camp Seymour informational meeting on March 12th! Please arrive in the HRS Library at 6pm.  We have estimated that the meeting will go until 7pm. Camp Seymour is May 7-9th! (Parents Only)


March 5th – Ash Wednesday – join us for Mass at 8:30am!

March 12th – Camp Seymour Meeting (6pm in HRS Library)


Friday: 2/21, Ch. 6, L. 8

Monday: 2/22, Ch. 6, L. 9

Tuesday: 2/23 Check My Progress Lessons 6-9.

Wednesday: 2/24, Ch. 6, L. 10

Thursday: 2/25, Ch. 6, L. 11


We are currently learning about the Liturgy of the Word in Chapter 16. Students are making their own “Dead Sea Scroll”! They each have their rubric for this.

Social Studies

The fifth graders will begin Chapter 8, Facing Slavery. Students will be learning about the difficult dilemmas the West African people faced as European slave traders take them farther and farther from their homeland.


Students are learning how scientists classify plants. Students will learn the differences between flowering plants (monocots and dicots). Students will take a quiz on Lessons 3 & 4 next Friday (2/28).


5th Graders continue to read and discuss the events of Number the Stars. Please encourage your child to keep up in the reading so that s/he can get the most out of our class discussions.