December 12, 2019


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


For our Advent Service, fifth graders have been asked to bring in money or gift cards to support Holy Rosary Parishes advent Giving Tree. Money collected will be use to by grocery store gift cards to support St. Vincent De Paul and the Holy Rosary Women’s Shelter. Thank you!



12/13 – 1st Trimester Report Cards

12/19 – K-8 Christmas Program

12/20 – Noon Dismissal for Christmas Break!



We will have the Chapter 14 test on 12/18. Please study the study guide to make sure you are ready!! Next week we will be reading the story of the Birth of Christ from the Gospels in class and comparing and contrasting the different accounts.




12/16 – Ch. 5 Lesson 1 Round Decimals

12/17 – Ch. 5 Lesson 2 Estimate Sums and Differences

12/18- Check My Progress quiz for Lessons 1 & 2. (Short)

12/19 –Christmas Math Fun!



Mr. Schreck

Chapter 5, Add and Subtract Decimals

Friday: Lesson 10, Subtract Decimals

Monday: Review Ch. 5

Tuesday: Test Ch. 5

Chapter 6, Multiply & Divide Decimals

Wednesday: Lesson 1, Estimate Products of Whole Numbers and Decimals

Thursday: Lesson 3, Multiply Decimals by Whole Numbers



Mrs. H

In our last week before Christmas break, we will complete our final 5th grade unit: Measurement.  The students have been working with both the U.S. Customary and the metric systems and have converted units of length, weight/mass, and capacity.  We will take our unit test before the break and will begin our 6th grade material when we return!  Many students are in need of a new notebook, so it might be a good idea to get a 1-subject notebook over the break.  (See me if you need help with this. I have a few.)  Also, over the break, it might be good to work on a little ALEKS to keep your skills fresh for the winter MAP testing.



Students are practicing using their microscopes. Students will learn how to prepare a wet-mount slide. They will also learn to focus up and down over the surface of an object that has depth. Students will then use their skills to identify unknown specimens using a microscope. Students will also learn about the smallest living unit, the cell, by examining the internal structure of an onion. Students will observe and sketch onion cells using microscopes.


Social Studies

Next we will have the Ch. 6 test on 12/19. Tomorrow, students will be doing “Act-it-Outs “ in class as I mentioned in previous boomerangs. We will also do some review next week before the test.



In our final week leading up to Christmas break, we continue to work on oral reading fluency while we enjoy presenting and listening to Readers’ Theater. The students really do light up when they get to perform, so it provides an enjoyable experience by which to practice those oral reading skills. We also continue to use the Close Reading strategy to analyze text more effectively.


Language Arts

Our Lesson 6 Spelling Quiz will be tomorrow, December 13th.Words can be found on my website:  This week we have been working on verb tenses and we will apply this to a few questions on tomorrow’s spelling quiz. We will also be applying our knowledge of past, present, and future verb tenses to  “Christmas Carol” activities before we break for the holidays!





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