Boomerang Newsletter – September 17, 2021

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


I hope you are all doing well. We had a very busy week in 5A! We sent home the Boomerang envelopes today. Please return the envelopes on Monday! There were not many papers in it today but usually there will be more.






  • MAPS Testing – MAPS window opens 9/20 and ends on Friday, Oct. 14.

Grades 5 will test in lab during lab time and/or on their CB’s in the classroom.


  • Masks – Do not enter the building without a mask. Students need to go to the main office to get a mask in the morning if they forgot one. Please do not come up to the classroom without a mask. Thanks!


  • Masks – Students need to bring two masks every day. Change mask at lunch.


  • Sell Magazines!!


The following is a curriculum update for the week of September 20 – 24:


Math – Ms. Semandiris

9/20 Monday: Ch. 1 Lesson 8, Order Whole Numbers and Decimals

9/21 Tuesday: Chapter Review p. 67

9/22 Wednesday:Pre-test Practice

9/23 Thursday: Ch. 1 Chapter Test

9/24 Friday: ALEKS and Review Day


Math – Mr. Schreck

Chapter 2: Multiply Whole Numbers

Monday: Lesson 1, Prime Factorization

Tuesday: Lesson 1, Part 2

Wednesday: Lesson 3, Powers & Exponents

Thursday: Lesson 4, Multiplication Patterns


Math – Mrs. Heuer

Monday: *Ch. 1 Test

Tuesday: *2.1 Multiplication and Division Patterns

Wednesday: *2.2 Estimate Quotients

Thursday: *2.3 Divide by a 1-Digit Divisor (possibly intro 2.4)

Friday: *Customized ALEKS assignment to review the week’s learning.  Due before Monday if not completed in class.


Friday: ALEKS Review



We are finishing up Chapter 1,God’s Plan for All Creation. Students have completed the study guide in class. We will be going over the study guide again on Monday and Tuesday. I will also be quizzing them on the actual quiz questions in class on Tuesday. This will help them understand what the quizzes are like since it is the first one this year. The quiz for this chapter will be on Wednesday 9/22.



Students will begin from our STEM Curriculum: Project Lead the Way. The unit is titled “Infection Detection.” Students will be presented with a problem where a large number of students at a school are sick. They will learn about transmission of disease through a simulation and compare communicable and non-communicable diseases.



Wow! I can’t believe week four is around the corner. I’m so impressed by the depth of thinking your kids have shown in language arts this past week. We read a science fiction story called “The Fun They Had,” which encouraged students to think about the role of technology in their lives, and how the future might be affected by it.  We will use this story to practice citing evidence and summarizing on Monday and Tuesday. I want students to be able to respond to literature in cohesive paragraphs that contain topic sentences, evidence, and commentary. We will practice this strategy with “A Package for Mr. Jewels,” and “A Royal Master” (both in the Journey’s book) next week. During reading, we will begin our analysis of the novel Wonder. The Spelling words for this week are:


  1. Discomfort
  2. Primitive
  3. interior
  4. Honored
  5. Secretive
  6. Immersed
  7. Bungled
  8. Contagious
  9. Brandishing
  10. Imprinted


Have a great weekend, and let me know if you have any questions. Tommy Williams


Social Studies

We have been working on Ch. 1 Geography of the United States. Students have been working to complete their packets in class. Next week we will be correcting these packets in class as well as doing a review of information we learned in Chapter 1. The test for Chapter 1 is on 9/30/21. 


5B BAND Students – Students who are in band will miss most of my Social Studies class every Monday. This week they will need to complete the SS Packet Maps A – D at home by Tuesday 9/21. Most students are almost done with the packet so that is the good news!! Band students will need to look at the Matrix to see what homework is every Monday and check in with me at school to see what they missed in class.


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