Boomerang Newsletter – September 24, 2021

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


We are entering the last week in September! 5A students have been working hard. They are really a great class!!






  • MAPS Testing – MAPS window opens 9/20 and ends on Friday, Oct. 14.

Grades 5 will test in lab during lab time and/or on their CB’s in the classroom.


  • Masks – Do not enter the building without a mask. Students need to go to the main office to get a mask in the morning if they forgot one. Please do not come up to the classroom without a mask. Thanks!


  • Masks – Students need to bring two masks every day. Change mask at lunch.


  • Sell Magazines!!


  • October 15th – Teacher In-Service (no school)


  • October 18th – Picture Retakes


The following is a curriculum update for the week of September 27 – October 1st:



Next week we will begin Chapter 2, Made to be with God. In this chapter we will be exploring the sense of longing we all feel as a part of the desire God put in our hearts to be truly happy with Him. We will be examining this search for happiness by reading the Gospel account of the Woman at the Well. We will be recognizing grace as a free loving gift of participation in the life of the Holy Trinity.


Second Step

Goals – Growth Mindset
We will work on Lesson 3. Changing My Plan. Students learned about making goals in lessons 1. They created a goal in lesson 2. In lesson 3 they will review their goal and make changes to it to make it attainable.

Students will be able to evaluate their progress towards a personal goal so they can adjust their plan if needed.


Math – Ms. Semandiris

We will begin Chapter 2, Multiplying Whole Numbers next week.

Monday 9/27 – Ch. 2, Lesson 1: Prime Factorization

Tuesday 9/28 – Ch. 2, Lesson 3: Powers and Exponents

Wednesday 9/29 – Ch.2 Lesson 4: Multiplication Patterns

Thursday 9/30 – Check my Progress p. 111 (Quiz on Ch. 2 Lessons 1-4 on 10/4.

Friday 10/1 – ALEKS Practice


Math-Mr. Schreck

Chapter 2: Multiply Whole Numbers

Monday: Review Lessons 1-4,

Tuesday: Quiz, Lessons 1-4

Wednesday: Lesson 7, The Distributive Property

Thursday: Lesson 8, Estimate Products

Friday: ALEKS Review


Math –  Mrs. Heuer

Monday: *2.4 Division with 2-Digit Divisors

Tuesday: *2.5 Multiply Decimals by Whole Numbers

Wednesday: *2.6 Multiply Decimals (including by a Power of 10)

Thursday: *2.7 Divide Decimals by Whole #s

Friday: *Customized ALEKS assignment to review the week’s learning.  Due before Monday if not completed in class.



Happy weekend, parents! Your children did a fantastic job working with text evidence this past week. We also practiced writing commentary, so that students can effectively explain their textual evidence. Many students increased their grades on the spelling test re-take. Next week, expect ten more spelling words on Monday, and another spelling test on Friday. Next week, we will have a quick assessment on the RACE strategy and begin a new text: “All In a Summer’s Day,” by Ray Bradbury.  We will also begin to look at story elements, such as plot, characters, setting, theme, and conflict. Have a great weekend, and let me know if you have any questions.



Students will investigate germs in depth and explore the two types of germs that are responsible for the majority of the communicable illnesses that infect humans, bacteria, and viruses. They will explore different diseases and apply their knowledge to identify a mystery illness spreading around a hypothetical school.


Social Studies

We will be having the Chapter 1 test on Thursday 9/30. How do I study for this test? Students should study the packet with maps A -D. They should know the answers to the questions as well as the locations on the maps. Students should study the Chapter 1 review packet “24 Task Cards”. They would also benefit from rereading the Chapter several times to study for this test. Next week we will be moving on to Chapter 2, Native Americans and Their Land. Description: In a Visual Discovery activity, students work in pairs, using maps and photographs to trace migration routes of the first Americans and to summarize how these groups adapted to different environments. Essential Question: How did Native Americans adapt to different environments in North America?


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