April 26, 2018

April 26, 2018


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Camp Seymour is next week!! You all have a hard copy of the “Reminders Letter” for camp and it is on the website as well!




May 2-4 – Camp Seymour!!!


Spring MAPS Testing begins is May 7 – May 30.


Curriculum Update for the weeks of April 30 – May 5 & May 7 – May 11th.



This week we began Ch. 19 The Call to Serve. In this Chapter we are learning about the Sacraments of marriage and Holy Orders. We are also learning about vocations and how there are three categories: Lay People, Ordained & Consecrated Religious. We will continue with this chapter the week after camp.


Steps to Respect

4/26 – Lesson 12 Managing Frustration

4/27 – Lesson 13 Resisting Revenge

5/11 – Handling Put-Downs





Ch. 10 Multiply and Divide Fractions

4/27 – Ch. 10, L. 1 Hands On: Part One

4/30 – Ch. 10 L. 2 Estimate Products of Fractions

5/1 – Ch. 10 L. 3 Hands On: Model Numbers and Fractions

5/7 – Ch. 10 L. 4 Multiply Whole Numbers and Fractions

5/8 – Check My Progress

5/9 – Ch. 10, L. 5 Multiply Fractions

5/10 – Ch. 10 L. 6 Multiply Mixed Numbers




Chapter 10, Multiply and Divide Fractions

Friday: Review Lessons 6-8

Monday: Quiz, Lessons 6-8

Tuesday: Lesson 10, Divide Whole Numbers by Unit Fractions




Next week we will complete our study of functions and inequalities before camp.  After the students return, we will spend two class days reviewing our work with functions and inequalities before we take the chapter test.  Enjoy camp!


Social Studies

We have our big debate between the Patriots and the Loyalists tomorrow! The kids are so excited and have been working very hard. Next week we will have the Chapter 11 test on (4/30) 5A & (5/1) for 5B. The study guide was pushed out on Google classroom.

The following week 5/7 – 5/11, we will start Chapter 12, The Declaration of Independence. This is a shorter lesson and we will have the assessment on 5/18.



Students have read about the planets in our solar system using www.spaceplace.nasa.gov and www.nationalgeographic.com. Each student has chosen a planet to research. In class, students will write a short paper describing the planet they have chosen.


Language Arts – This week 5th graders have been working through Lesson 22 by practicing their past, present, and future perfect tenses. It is very fun this time of year to see how the 5th graders are transitioning into their 6th grade selves. Their grammar editing is getting better, they are able to review their own writing and know that it is quality work, and they are problem solving on their own more – it is so exciting to see!


Reading – The Fifth Graders are reading in book clubs again! For this abbreviated book club students are either reading Hound Dog True or Frindle and discussing in small groups. We continue to practice reading and responding to short fiction and non-fiction articles as we build our reading stamina and comprehension.

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