April 19, 2018

April 19, 2018


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Camp Seymour is May 2-4, 2018. Please make sure you have turned in your forms. Students received a “Camp News – Reminders” flyer today.



Turn in Camp Forms ASAP!

4/20 – 5A Prayer Service 8:30am in HRS school hall.

4/23 – Class Pictures Perfect Uniform



This week we will begin Ch. 19, Answering God’s Call. In this chapter we will learn how the vocations of ordained and married people build the reign of God and serve others through the sacraments of Marriage and Holy Orders.




4/23 Chapter 9 Review

4/24 Pre-Test

4/25 Chapter 9 Test

4/26 Ch. 10, L. 1 Hands On: Part of a Number

4/27 Ch. 10, L. 2 Estimate Products of a Fraction



Mr. Schreck

Chapter 10, Multiply and Divide Fractions

Friday: Quiz, Lessons 1-4

Monday: Lesson 6, Multiply Fractions

Tuesday: Lesson 7, Multiply Mixed Numbers

Wednesday: Lesson 8, Multiplication as Scaling

Thursday: Review Lessons 6-8

Friday: Quiz, Lessons 6-8



Mrs. Heuer

Next week, we will start Ch. 8: Functions and Inequalities.  We will work on representing relations in different forms, like in tables, through equations, with ordered pairs, and in graphs.  Next week, we will start our work with inequalities.  We will write, graph, and solve inequalities.  Students should continue their work on ALEKS.


Social Studies

We have begun Ch. 11, To Declare Independence or Not. We will be studying three famous Loyalists and three famous Patriots. Students will be working in groups to prepare for a debate between these two sides! The debate will be on 4/27. The test will be on 4/30 (5A) and 5/1 (5B) Remember to practice your States and Capitals the test will be in early June! The States Test will be matching and the Capitals test will be multiple choice.



Besides the planets, students will learn about other objects in the solar system such as asteroids, meteoroids and comets.

Students have completed a study guide in class to prepare for a quiz on the solar system next Friday, April 27th.


Language Arts

Students have been continuing to diligently work on their biography papers this week and I am so proud of how focused they have been! Many students were challenged to find someone who both inspires them and interests them – I am excited to read these projects! Next week we will continue to work on some spelling and grammar, along with review of some writing mechanics. Have a great weekend!



5th graders are honing their reading skills for both informational and fictional text. They are responding to the literature with multiple choice responses, short answer, and verbal dialogue. Our goal is to become more fluent, critical readers of multiple genres and to increase our reading stamina. Also, students have been asked to scour school and home for any book club or chapter books that have been loaned out over the course of the year. Please return them as they are found.




Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Camp is approaching fast and it is time to communicate to you some important details and reminders for the big trip.

Wednesday May 2, 2018


  • Arrive at school at the normal time. Have your child bring all bags to the school hall. (One suggestion is to put the sleeping bag and pillow in big plastic bag so it does not get muddy.) After this is done, have your child report immediately to their classroom for attendance. Please do not worry about being tardy because of all the bags. We are very understanding on camp departure day!


  • Kennedy High School Buses will arrive around 9:15am. Estimated departure time is 9:30am. Parents are welcomed to stay in the school hall to help us load the buses.


  • Please drop off all snacks in the school hall. We will have a designated spot to put all the goodies. If you are donating non-perishable items, you may bring them in, prior to camp, on Monday or Tuesday.


  • Please bring a SACK LUNCH on Wednesday, May 2th. We will be eating this sack lunch when we arrive at camp. Please do not include any plastic containers because we will need to dispose of everything after lunch


  • Please have your child bring up all medication to the classroom. Please put all medication in one plastic baggy. Make sure that everything is labeled and in the original containers.


  • Camp store money should be labeled and put in an envelope. We will collect this envelope during attendance on the day of departure.


  • We will return from camp between 12:00pm and 12:30pm depending on traffic on Friday afternoon May 4th. Please be at Holy Rosary to pick up your child around this time and they can go home and tell you all the funny stories about camp!







Ms. Penny Semandiris                                                                           Mr. David Schreck




































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