May 10, 2018

May 10, 2018


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


We are currently working on the Spring MAPS Testing, which began for the fifth grade on May 7th and will go until May 30th.


Family Life: Today we are sending the Family Life books home. Please review the book, read and return the parent letter/Permission Slip.


Also, thank you so much for such a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week!!! WOW! I have never received so many wonderful cards and treats during this week in years past. THANK YOU!


I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!



  • Mid-Trimester Reports Will be given out to Students with a C+ or below in any subject.
  • Return the permission slip for Family Life class after you have reviewed the content by May 18th.
  • Talent Show on May 18th – Act II – 9:30am and Act II – 1:15pm


  • Looking ahead: May 24th, 6th Grade Ancient Civilizations Wax Museum (9am – 2pm), breaks at First Recess (10:10am – 10:25am) & Lunch Recess (11:15am – 12:05pm) If you can come to see it, you can get an idea what it is all about for next year’s Social Studies!!!)


  • May 25th – Field Day Noon Dismissal


  • May 31st 8:35am Corpus Christi Mass – Grade 5 will be planning the Mass. (No Wednesday Mass this week.)



Curriculum Update for the week of May 14 – May 18th:



This week we began Ch. 19 The Call to Serve. In this Chapter we are learning about the Sacraments of marriage and Holy Orders. We are also learning about vocations and how there are three categories: Lay People, Ordained & Consecrated Religious. The study guide for this Chapter will be given out on 5/14. The quiz will be on 5/23.


Steps to Respect

5/10 – Lesson 14 Handling Put-Downs

5/11 – Lesson 15 Avoiding Assumptions

Next Week!

5/16 – Lesson 16 Solving Problems, Part 1

5/18 – Lesson 17 Solving Problems, Part 2



Ms. Semandiris

5/11 – Lesson 6, Multiply Fractions

5/14 – Placement Assessment for 6th Grade

5/15 – Lesson 7, Multiply Mixed Numbers

5/16 – Lesson 8, Hands On Multiplication Scaling

5/17 – Check My Progress Lessons 5-8

5/18 – No Math Talent Show



Mr. Schreck

Thursday: Test: Chapter 10, Multiply and Divide Fractions

Friday: Math Placement Test

Chapter 11, Measurement

Monday: Lesson 1, Measure with a Ruler

Tuesday: Lesson 2, Convert Customary Units of Length

Wednesday: Lesson 3, Use Logical Reasoning

Thursday: Lesson 5, Convert Customary Units of Weight



Mrs. Heuer


Next week we will start our study of 2D geometry.  The students will learn and understand the formulas for area of parallelograms, triangles, and trapezoids.  They will also work with finding area of figures on the coordinate plane.  Next Thursday, the students will take their math placement test.  No preparation is needed; the students will apply the skills we have learned this year on a comprehensive test.  This is used as one factor to place our students for next year.



Students are studying the properties of stars. They will also discover what constellations and galaxies are. Students will take a quiz on the sun and other stars next Tuesday May 15th. They have completed a study guide in class to help them prepare.


Social Studies

We are currently working on Chapter 12, The Declaration of Independence. We will be analyzing 5 excerpts from the Declaration of Independence by using a glossary of words to help to translate the script in to fifth grade language. This will be done in class on Thursday and Friday. (5/10-11) The study guide will be pushed out on Google Classroom on Thursday (5/10). The test for this Chapter will be on (5/17). Looking ahead, we will have the States and Capitals test on June 7th.



5th graders are finishing their novels and preparing for an upcoming book test: 5A on Tues. and 5B on Wed. of next week. Students have completed their own study guide and will have the opportunity to discuss the story again in book groups before taking the test next week. Also, the students have enjoyed reading and paraphrasing short Bible verses, while practicing their cursive at the same time!

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