April 15, 2016

April 14, 2016


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Camp Seymour is approaching very soon! Camp is May 4-6, and we are busy working to make it the best experience for the fifth graders. Please turn in your Camp Seymour permission slip with the two medical forms, as we need to communicate any special dietary arrangements with the camp. Next week we will send home a reminder letter about camp with details about departure day!


*Tomorrow is a Noon Dismissal (Free Dress) so the school can be transformed into the best Auction venue ever seen! I hope you all have a wonderful time at the Auction on Saturday night. I would like to thank Julie Cahill our 5A room parent for organizing the 5A Auction project!!! As well as all the parent volunteers who helped with this project!


Curriculum Update:



We are currently working on Ch. 18, Liturgy of the Eucharist. This week we began to brainstorm about our “Dream Meal”. The students will be creating a “Dream Meal” slide show that incorporates the importance of sitting down to have a meal together. Students will relate that meal to the meal they receive during the Eucharist. Students will be creating a Slideshow on their Chromebooks for this assignment in class on Friday 4/15.


Students have completed the Ch. 18 Study Guide. The test is on Monday, April 18th.



4/15 – Ch. 9 L. 4 Hands On – Use Models to Add Unlike Fractions

4/18 – Check My Progress L. 1-5.

4/19 – Ch. 9 L. 6, Hands On, Use Models to Subtract Unlike Fractions

4/20 – Ch. 9 L. 7 Subtract Unlike Fractions

4/21 – Ch. 9 L. 8 Problem Solving

4/22 – Ch. 9 L. 9 Estimate Sums and Differences


Language Arts

This week in language arts the focus for spelling once again was three different ending sounds. In grammar students learned about perfect tenses, specifically present, past, and future perfect tense. In writing students finished and submitted their personal narrative essay. We took time in class to edit this essay both alone and with a classmate.


Social Studies

This week we are working Ch. 11, To Declare Independence of Not. In this chapter, students will learn about the Patriots, Loyalists and Neutralists. Then they will work together to prepare for a “Debate” between the Patriots and the Loyalists on whether to declare independence or not! The debates will be held on April 28th and the test for this chapter will be on April 29th.




Students will wrap up the Models and Design unit by designing and building a propeller driven vehicle with the purpose of reducing a hypothetical real-world production cost. They will then evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their vehicle as well as discuss trade-offs and performance of their modified vehicle.


Have a great weekend!



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