April 7, 2016


April 7, 2016


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


We are so excited for the Bingo Blast on Friday night!!!! Thank you all for supporting this fundraiser for the school. I hope you are able to go out for a nice dinner and enjoy yourselves while we Bingo Blast it up!!




4/12 Tuesday Picture Day – Bring in your order form and money by that day!



We have begun Chapter 18, Liturgy of the Eucharist. This week we completed the study guide in class. We will also begin to create our “Dream Meal” which will let us discover and realize how when we have a meal together it is so bonding. We will then relate this idea to the meal we all share each time we receive the Eucharist.




4/9 Ch. 8 Test


We will begin Chapter 9, Add and Subtract Fractions on Monday.


4/11 Ch. 9 L. 1 Round Fractions

4/12 Ch. 9 L. 2 Add Like Fractions

4/13 Ch. 9 L. 3 Subtract Like Fractions

4/14 Ch. 9 L. 4 Hands On: Models to Add Unlike Fractions

4/15 Ch. 9 L. 5 Add Unlike Fractions


Social Studies

This week students have created skits for the six events that led up to the Revolutionary War. Friday they will present these skits in class. The test for Chapter 10 will be on 4/11 for 5A and 4/12 for 5B. Next week we will move on to Ch. 11, To Declare Independence of Not. In this chapter, students will learn about the Patriots, Loyalists and Neutralists. Then they will work together to prepare for a “Debate” between the Patriots and the Loyalists on whether to declare independence or not!



It is with great excitement that 5th graders begin Book Clubs this week. The students participated in the selection process and have already begun reading and discussing their books in Book Club. Each student takes a turn at fulfilling the responsibilities of being the Leader. Book Clubs provide students with the opportunity to practice their reading Target Skills while discussing and enjoying some good books.


Language Arts

This week in language arts the focus for spelling was three different ending sounds. In grammar students learned about different forms of the verbs be and have, and how they function in verb phrases. Students began writing a personal narrative in writing. They will finish this essay and submit their final drafts next week.



Students will use a technical drawing to build a vehicle that has a twisted rubber band attached to a propeller. Students will observe the motion of their vehicles and share how they got their vehicles to move. They will compare how their vehicles moved differently from the rubber band powered vehicles they previously built.



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