April 21, 2016


April 21, 2016


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Camp Seymour is May 4-6, 2016. Please make sure you have turned in your forms. Students received a “Camp News – Reminders” flyer today. You also received the Family Life letter/permission slip and the book. Please follow the directions on the letter.


Curriculum Update:



This week we will begin Ch. 19, Answering God’s Call. In this chapter we will learn how the vocations of ordained and married people build the reign of God and serve others through the sacraments of Marriage and Holy Orders.



Ch. 9 Add and Subtract Fractions!

4/22 Ch. 9 L. 9 Estimate Sums and Differences

& Check My Progress for Homework

4/25 Check My Progress Quiz

4/26 Ch. 9 L. 10 Hands On: Use Models to Add Mixed Numbers

4/27 Ch. 9 L. 11 Add Mixed Numbers

4/28 Ch. 9 L. 12 Subtract Mixed Numbers

4/29 Ch. 9 L. 13 Subtract with Renaming


Social Studies

We have been working on planning our Patriot vs. Loyalists debates this week! Students will be working together to plan the arguments for or against declaring independence. The interactive Notebook for this lesson will be due on Friday 4/22. A study guide will be handed out in class on Friday 4/22.The debates will be held on April 28th and the test for this chapter will be on April 29th.





5th graders continue to work in Book Clubs. The students report enjoying this format, particularly having others to talk to about the story as well as taking on the responsibility of assigning their own homework. As they near the end of their books, each group is planning a Book Report in slide show format that will be presented orally next week. There will be an end of the book test next week as well



Students begin Chapter 3, Adaptations in their texts. Students will explore the effects of protective coloring by making a model of different colored moths in their habitat. They will make predictions and discuss which moths are more likely to survive. Students will discover the difference between structural and behavioral adaptations.


Language Arts

This week in language the focus for spelling was unstressed syllables. Students learned about stressed and unstressed syllables in a word and how to identify them. In grammar students reviewed multiple sets of easily confused words (their, there, they’re, etc.).  We began another persuasive writing unit this week, and students are working on writing strong thesis statements.


Ms. Semandiris

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