April 14, 2011

April 14, 2011

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Next week is very important because it is Holy Week. We have the Stations of the Cross on Friday and then a Noon Dismissal. Spring Break follows from April 23 – May 1st.

Today we examined our consciences in preparation for Communal Penance tomorrow.
Next week is Holy Week and we will be learning about the Stations of the Cross. Students will be acting out the stations in class. We will also be learning about the Triduum.

Monday: Lesson 81, Reducing Fractions, Part 1
Tuesday: Lesson 82, Greatest Common Factor
Wednesday: Lesson 83 Properties of Geometric Solids
Thursday: Lesson 84: Mean, Median, Mode

Social Studies
The fifth graders have reviewed their Interactive Notebook notes with me in class. We also discussed each page of the lesson. We will be having the Chapter 13 test on 4/20. We will also be learning about various Revolutionary War Heroines this week! We will begin Chapter 14 after spring break.

Students will add blocks to the vehicles they have built to investigate the effects of load on motion. Students will measure the time it takes for a loaded vehicle to move a given distance. They will discuss and graph their results and observations.

Language Arts
Students learn to identify the following poetic devices in poetry: rhyme, simile, metaphor, alliteration, personification and onomatopoeia. Students will incorporate some of these devices into the Earth Day poems we will begin in class next week. Also, each student should be prepared to present the poem he/she has memorized on Tuesday. Each child should also have a written/typed copy of the poem, illustrated and backed on construction paper with the grading rubric attached. If students need another copy of the assignment or grading rubric, they can find it on my webpage.

The 5th graders will continue their study of the various genres and will focus on expanding their reading repertoire by selecting a book from an unfamiliar genre. The students will be reading this book for their 3rd Trimester book report. There will be a short matching quiz on the genres next week.

Have a wonderful Holy Week!
Ms. Semandiris