April 7, 2011

April 7, 2011

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

We had so much fun at Camp Seymour!!! All the kids did such a wonderful job in the classes as well as other activities. I took many pictures and I will share them with the kids next week. If your child took any pictures please get a CD made when you develop them so we can use them in school. We will be making camp web-pages in technology class so the pictures will come in handy!!!

Next week we will be ITBS testing. Please remember to have students get plenty of rest each night. We will be testing all week so if possible, please avoid any appointments throughout the week.

Reminder: Don’t forget to buy your child a ticket!!! “Teacher Auction Item” – BINGO BASH!!!!! It would be great to have the 5th graders there!!!

Math – No math this week due to testing.

Last week we began our study of the 5th Grade “Journey with Jesus” curriculum that the Archdiocese recommends. It is about respect for different faith traditions. We will also be making “Thank-you” cards for the Naturalists/Counselors next week.

Social Studies
The fifth graders are working on the Chapter 13, Interactive Notebook notes in class today and tomorrow. We will be reviewing them and correcting the notes if needed in class next week. We will also be learning about some of the Revolutionary War Heroines. Due to ITBS testing the test for this Chapter will be 4/20.

The 5th graders continue to track their reading minutes and pages using book logs. During class, students are being asked to focus on specific aspects of the story such as character traits and cause and effect relationships. Next week we will be using our book logs and a genre wheel to examine our reading preferences and talk about ways to expand our literature horizons.

Students will start a unit on motion and design. They will focus on the use of drawings in the design process. Students will draw vehicles they build from K’Nex building pieces. In small groups they will use their visual and spatial perception skills to build a vehicle pictured in a technical drawing. Next students will focus on force and motion by conducting experiments to determine how applying a force to an object changes the motion of the object.

Language Arts
Welcome back from camp 5th graders!!! In class, students will write about some of the hilarious highlights and interesting learning that took place on their special adventure. Students should also make sure to have the poems that each will memorize and present ready for approval by Monday; the majority of students have already done this and are working on memorizing them already.

Have a great week!!
Ms. Semandiris