November 7, 2013

November 7, 2013

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

We are working very hard here in 5A! On Monday 11/11 we have no school in honor of Veteran’s Day.

Oratorical Festival – December 17, 2013

Today students received the information for the Oratorical Festival. Included in the handout are directions, a timeline for what is due when as well as a detailed rubric. Please ask your child for this so you can read. Then please have your child keep it in the Religion section of their binder.


We will begin Chapter 14, Sacraments of Initiation on Tuesday. Students will be making a “My Baptism” collage. Please have your child bring in old magazines to use for the collage on Thursday 11/14.  We will be cutting out pictures that relate to baptism. Also they can bring in any pictures of their own baptism to put on the collage. I would suggest making a paper copy of the picture so you do not ruin the original! A rubric will be passed out in class on Tuesday 11/12 for this assignment.


11/12 Lesson 6, Hands On: Division Models with Greater Numbers

11/13 Lesson 7, Hands On: Distributive Property and Partial Quotients

11/14 Lesson 8, Divide Three and Four Digit Dividends

11/15 Lesson 9, Check My Progress


Students are learning how learning how to protect our precious land resources. Students will also discover the sources and effects of air pollution and what can be done to protect the atmosphere. Students will take a test on Chapter 2, Earth’s Resources, next Friday (11/15).

Social Studies

The fifth graders took the Lesson 3 test today. Tomorrow 11/8 we will be learning about Veteran’s Day. Tuesday 11/12 we will begin Lesson 4, The European Explorers. Students will be “Deep Sea Diving” to excavate Artifacts located in a sunken ship. We will use the Artifacts to understand more about the European Explorers.

Language Arts

Students have completed their brainstorming and pre-writing graphic organizers for their Thanksgiving essay. This essay will be completed and done only in class. Students are in the midst of writing the body paragraph for their essay. The Thanksgiving essay will be typed and completed at school. As a class, students are working on Organization, one of the 6+1 Traits of Writing. A due date for this essay has not yet been assigned as students are still in the early stages of writing.