October 31,2013

October 31, 2013


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Happy Halloween!!! Thank you so much for the fun Halloween party today. The fifth graders loved it. We really appreciate all the parent planning and help for the party.


November 1st – Perfect Uniform All Saints Day Mass

November 8th – Magazine Sale Ice Cream Party for 5th Grade!


We have been working on Chapters 2 & 3. Students have completed their study guide in class. We will have the Religion test next Tuesday. Students should reread the chapter and study the study guide for the test.


Math- Updated

11/4 Monday, Lesson 2, Hands on Division

11/5 Tuesday,Lesson 3, Two-Digit Dividends

11/6 Wednesday, Lesson 4, Division Patterns

11/7 Thursday, Check My Progress Lesson 1-4

11/8 Friday, Lesson 5, Estimate Quotients

Social Studies

We have been working on Chapter 3 since before conferences. We have completed the Interactive Notebooks in class. The Interactive Notebook pages for Chapter 3 will be due at the end of class on 11/1.  Students will be learning a study strategy using the material from Chapter 3 early next week The test for this lesson will be Thursday 11/7.


Next Monday 5th graders will finish reading Hatchet. We’ll spend the rest of the week in preparation for an end of the book test on Thursday.


Students will discover how water resources can be protected. They built a model showing how pollution can spread into underground water. Students will also discuss how land resources are used and can be protected. Next they will learn the sources and effects of air pollution, and how air quality can be protected. Students will take a quiz on lessons 1 & 2 next Wednesday (11/6).


Students have started brainstorming and pre-writing using graphic organizers for their Thanksgiving essay. This essay will be completed and done only in class. Students will be using their new skill-sets to add adjectives to their writing. As a class, students are working on Organization, one of the 6+1 Traits of Writing. A due date for this essay has not yet been assigned as students are in the early stages of writing.

Please gently remind your child to study for upcoming spelling tests. The next spelling test is November 12th. Students will be receiving the next set of spelling words on November 5th.