November 30, 2017



November 30, 2017


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have been very busy here in 5A!


Advent Service Project:

 Grade 5 will be collecting items during Advent for a school in Puerto Rico. Our West Seattle friend Rey Delgado is our contact person and knows many of the Holy Rosary kids through baseball. He has already visited Puerto Rico immediately after the disaster and helped with the relief effort. Please consider helping us by donating!! The last day for donations will be on December 15th!

 Ideas for Donations:



Art supplies (paint, water colors, colored pencils, etc..)

School supplies (paper, pens, erasers, pencils, glue, etc..)

Laptops and Printers are high on the wish list.



12/4 – Ch. 5 Lessons 1-4 Check My Progress

12/5 – Ch. 5 L. 5, Hands On: Add Decimals Using Models

12/6 – Ch. 5 L. 6, Add Decimals

12/7 – Ch. 5 L. 7, Addition Properties

12/7 – Ch. 5 Check My Progress L. 5-7

12/8 – Ch. 5 L. 9, Hands On: Subtract Decimals Using Models


Math-Mr. Schreck

Chapter 6, Multiply & Divide Decimals

Friday: Ch. 5 Test, Add & Subtract Decimals

Monday: Lesson 1, Estimate Products of Decimals

Tuesday: Lesson 3, Multiply Decimals by Whole Numbers

Wednesday: Lesson 5, Multiply Decimals

Thursday: Review Lessons 1 & 5


Math/Mrs. Heuer:

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and conference week!

We have begun our final 5th grade unit: Measurement.  We will be working with both the U.S Customary and Metric Systems of Measurement.  The students will convert units of length, capacity, and weight/mass.  We will also work with finding items that match different units.  For example, the distance from HRS to West Seattle High School is approximately a kilometer or the mass of a gram is about 1 paperclip.  We will complete this unit before Christmas break.


Students are beginning Ch. 15 Sacraments of Forgiveness and Healing. Students will be receiving the study guide for this lesson on 12/5. They will be working on it in class as well as for homework. The test will be on 12/13.


Social Studies 5

We are currently working on Chapter 6, Early English Settlements. In this chapter, students will learn about the early English settlement of Roanoke, Plymouth and Jamestown. Students will be preparing and presenting “Act-it-Outs” to better understand the reasons for the settlements, hardships of the settlements, and reasons for the success and failure of the settlements. The test will be 12/11 (5A) & 12/12 (5B). The study guide will be on Google Classroom on 12/1.


Language Arts

What a joy it is to work with such enthusiastic learners as your 5th graders! Even when I am introducing topics that may be review, these students are engaged. This week in Language Arts, we have been discussing different verb types and how to apply them in every day writing. Students have also been learning about how to write a Procedural Composition (or an Informational Text). Today and tomorrow we will practice introducing a topic and then generating 4-5 steps to explain how to get the subject done. Next week we will work through Lesson 7 and I will have the spelling words up on the website by Monday. I would encourage students to use this resource as a way to study, and the words can also be found in their Reader’s Notebook (online or hard copy).



We begin the 2nd Trimester with a selection about the elusive Tree Kangaroo. Our focus is on identifying the relationships between events in a text, (cause and effect) as we work to better understand informational text. Students know that along with the start of the 2nd Trimester comes increased accountability. Beginning this week, work that is turned in late will be marked down.



Students are using hand lenses to practice making detailed observations. In preparation to use microscopes, students will learn the functions of parts of a microscope, and how to adjust light and focus the object being studied.



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