December 7, 2017

December 7, 2017

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Tomorrow, Trimester 1 Report Cards will be sent home. We are now on the countdown to Christmas break!!!

Advent Service Project: The last day to donate is Friday 12/15!!!

 Grade 5 will be collecting items during Advent for a school in Puerto Rico. Our West Seattle friend Rey Delgado is our contact person and knows many of the Holy Rosary kids though baseball. He has already visited Puerto Rico immediately after the disaster and helped with the relief effort. Please consider helping us by donating!! The last day for donations will be on December 15th!!!

 Ideas for Donations:



Art supplies (paint, water colors, colored pencils, etc..)

School supplies (paper, pens, erasers, pencils, glue, etc..)

Laptops and Printers are high on the wish list.


12/13 – 8:30am Mass – Please bring in cans of Food for the needy people of Seattle! The students will carry them over and place them on the altar as they enter.

12/14 – Thursday

  • 8:30 – 9:30 – 5A Advent Reconciliation/Penance
  • 6:00pm students report to homeroom classrooms for Christmas Program. The program will be in the church.


Ms. Semandiris

12/8 – Ch. 5, L. 7 Addition Properties

12/11 – Ch. 5, L. Hands On: Add Decimals Using Models

12/12 – Ch. 5, Lessons 5-7 Check My Progress

12/13 – Ch. 5 L. 9 Hands On: Subtract Decimals Using Models

12/14 – Ch. 5 L.10 Subtract Decimals

12/15 – Chapter Review – Pre -Test

12/18 – Chapter Test


Mr. Schreck

Chapter 6, Multiply & Divide Decimals

Friday: Quiz, Lessons 1, 3 & 5

Monday: Lesson 6, Multiply Decimals by Powers of 10

Tuesday: Lesson 7, Problem Solving

Wednesday: Lesson 8, Multiplication Properties

Thursday: Lesson 9, Estimate Quotients



Ms. Heuer

Next week we will be completing our final 5th grade unit: Measurement.  We have completed our work with the U.S. Customary System, and next week we will complete our work with the metric system.  We will spend 2 days of review before our test.



Students are beginning Ch. 15 Sacraments of Forgiveness and Healing. Students have completed the study guide for this lesson and we went over the answers in class today. I also told them which questions will be on the test. The test will be on 12/13.



Social Studies 5

We are currently working on Chapter 6, Early English Settlements. In this chapter, students will learn about the early English settlement of Roanoke, Plymouth and Jamestown. Students will be preparing and presenting “Act-it-Outs” to better understand the reasons for the settlements, hardships of the settlements, and reasons for the success and failure of the settlements. The test will be 12/11 (5A) & 12/12 (5B). The study guide will be on Google Classroom on 12/1.


Language Arts

“Ms. Kooima gave her 5th grade students a Christmas writing prompt.” Can you identify the subject, verb, direct object, and indirect object of this sentence? I bet your student can! This week students have defined and have been working so hard to identify the direct and indirect objects of a sentence. I am so proud of how quickly they have picked it up. Next week we will be identifying homophones, working on the spelling words for Lesson 8, and having fun with writing some Christmas stories. The words for next week are up on my website as you read this. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



We move from Informational Text to Historical Fiction with an excerpt from ‘Old Yeller’. We’ll be delving into character comparison by analyzing the actions and character traits of two of the story’s characters. We’ll also be talking about how the author’s use of dialect adds to the realism in this Historical Fiction selection.There will be a Vocabulary and Comprehension quiz over Lesson 7 on Thurs. **Remind your 5th grader to visit for vocabulary review and to reread the story.



Students are practicing using their microscopes. Students will learn how to prepare a wet-mount slide. They will also learn to focus up and down over the surface of an object that has depth. Students will then use their skills to identify unknown specimens using a microscope. Students will also learn about the smallest living unit, the cell, by examining the internal structure of an onion. Students will observe and sketch the cells in an onion using microscopes.


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