May 30, 2013

May 30, 2013

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Today we had the 6th Grade Wax Museum. All the students did such a wonderful job today! We will be sending the Boomerang envelopes home tomorrow so that we can have a bit more time to organize the papers!  Thanks for your understanding.

Curriculum update:


Monday: Lesson 100, Simplifying Decimal Numbers

Tuesday: Test 19

Wednesday: Investigation 10

Thursday: Lesson 101, Rounding Mixes Numbers to the Nearest Whole Number


Next week we will be doing Lesson 3, Are you Mad at Me? & Lesson 4, Recognizing Bullying & Recognizing Conflict in the Steps to Respect Curriculum.

Social Studies

The 5th graders are begun Lesson 13, The Revolutionary War. In this lesson the students will be working in pairs to complete the reading notes in the Interactive Notebook during class.  The test for this lesson will be on Friday 6/7.


This week the 5th graders are reading biographical information on Heroines of the American Revolution. They will be working with one other student to present what they have learned to the rest of the class. The presentations will take place next week.


Students begin Chapter 5 & 6: Growing to Fatherhood and Motherhood. Students will learn about the male and female reproductive system and its part in God’s plan for new life.

Students are also learning about their respiratory system. They will explore how the oxygen in the air our lungs breathe in makes life possible. Students will investigate the diaphragm’s role in the respiratory system by building a model lung.

Language Arts

Fifth graders concluded their Subject and Predicate unit this week. Next week in Language Arts, students will be studying Figurative Language and Poetic elements. Students will be memorizing a poem and reciting a poem for class. Poems should be chosen and approved by the teacher on or before May 30th and presented in class by June 7th.

Please be on the look out for a rubric for various assignments this next week!

May 30th Poem chosen and approved by teacher.

June 4th Color Poem Due

June 7th Memorized poem to be recited by.

June 7th Camp Seymour Poem Due

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris