May 19, 2016


May 19, 2016


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Great Performance by the Band last night at Kennedy Catholic High School! The Permission Slip for Field Day is going home today in the Boomerang. Please sign and return!!




5/24 – 2pm Prayer Service to Honor George Hofbauer.



Next week we will begin Chapter 9. Chapter 9, students will learn about the Paschal mystery, and how it is celebrated. The Paschal mystery is Christ’s work of redemption through his Passion, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension.


Family Life

In Chapter 3 of the Family Life text, students will look at messages they receive from communication media. They will learn the importance of honesty and respect in good communication and prayer as a communication with God.



5/23 Check My Progress Quiz

5/24 Ch. 10 L. 5, Hands On, Using Models to Multiply Fractions

5/25 Ch. 10 L. 6, Multiplying Fractions

5/26 Ch. 10, L. 7, Multiplying Mixed Numbers

No Math




Social Studies

The fifth graders will take the Chapter 12 test tomorrow. Next week we will begin Ch. 13, The Revolutionary War. Students will work in pairs to complete their Interactive Notebook in class.



Students begin a unit on the human body. Students will explore the function of the respiratory system. They will measure their individual lung capacity. Students will also learn how your nose prepares air for your lungs.


Language Arts

This week in language arts the focus for spelling was four different prefixes. Students learned about singular and plural possessive nouns and apostrophe usage in grammar this week. The focus for writing was a definition paragraph. Students wrote their own paragraphs using a definition, examples, and non-examples of their term to describe it for the reader.


Reading – TBA


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