June 1, Boomerang


June 1, 2016


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


I apologize for the late Boomerang! I meant to put this on my site last Thursday but I was busy with the Wax Museum and I completely forgot. I hope it did not inconvenience you too much.



Students will learn how oxygen is exchanged for carbon dioxide inside you lungs. Students will build a model of a lung to investigate the diaphragm’s role in the respiratory system. Students will take a short quiz on the respiratory system next Friday (6/3).


Family Life: In Chapter 4 of the Family Life text, students will recognize the changes that occur during puberty. They will also learn about the parts of the male and female reproductive system and how these systems work.


Social Studies

We are currently working on Chapter 13, The Revolutionary War. Students are completing the Interactive Notebook reading notes in class.



5/31 – Ch. 10, L. 8 Hands On: Division with Unit Fractions

6/1 – Ch. 10 L. 10 Divide Whole Numbers by Unit Fractions

6/2 – Ch. 10 L. 11 Divide Unit Fractions by Whole Numbers





We are currently studying Chapter 9, New Life. Students are working on the study guide in class. We are learning about Archbishop Oscar Romero who was martyred for his faith.



This week in language arts the focus for spelling was four different suffixes. Students learned about abbreviations and when to use them in grammar. The focus for writing this week was a narrative journal entry where students had to incorporate both facts and sensory details.


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